Why male actors come online to ask for help – Actor Daniel Etim Effiong spills (Video)

In a recent statement, famous Nollywood actor Daniel Etim Effiong discloses the major reason why male actors come online to ask for help.

Using trending health issues of veteran actors Mr Ibu and Amaechi Monagor as an example, OAP Moet Abebe who is a host of Bhad and Boujee podcast alongside Tolanibaj said; “Why is it that male actors come online to ask for help?”

Responding, Daniel Ettim Effiong said this is common to male actors compared to female actors because of men’s independent nature, unlike women who are most dependent and even get more favors from men.



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Shedding more light on it, the actor uttered that traditionally, women are largely men’s responsibility, adding that whenever there are problems for women in a society, the men would rise up and provide the needs of the women noting that it’s a taboo in Nigerian tribes for men not to help their women.

He further added that in the case of men, they have to solve issues by themselves as no woman in most cases would solve men’s problem.



Speaking further, Daniel Etim Effiong disclosed that when it gets to a stage where a man can’t solve his problem any longer, he won’t go to a woman rather he would go to the world to seek for help.

Using himself as an example, the actor said after being paid for his work, the first thing that comes to his mind is how he is going to provide for his wife and children, by taking care of bills and more.

Daniel Etim Effiong said the situation is contrary to ladies, stating that when a woman collects her pay for a job, more often than not won’t think about the family first rather she would think about herself, her life, and investment.

The actor spills that most women acquire wealth through this and even get grants, gifts, favour from men.

Watch the video below;


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See reactions below;

@Mayo6Tee: The answer is simple , women don’t only act but they sell themselves as side hustle.. thats what they mean when they say work twice as hard.

@alamug: What type of naive question is this? The answer is the same reason its only the female actresses that are always buying Range Rover. Even actresses we barely know for that matter.😜

@ikmaduka: See how he’s carefully choosing his words to avoid backlash. For such a simple question, one would expect a simple answer. But fam gatz beat a bit round the bush to give his simple answer… It’s indeed a woman’s world.

@Ola_Omodaada: He was being careful not to called out, however we get the gist and he made his point clear. It’s unfortunate that men sacrifice a lot but get crucified at their lower level.

@iamkombert: He played really carefully around the answer. Veery careful! He nailed his point without sounding offensive cus of course they don’t want to hear the truth.

@emmyraldvisuals : I’m happy we still have smart men out there 👏.

@SamTochi3: It is so because we don’t live a fake life the ladies, most female actors have already sort themselves out with what they get.

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