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Why many female celebrities including myself remain unmarried – Skitmaker Ashmusy spills (Video)

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Popular Nigerian skitmaker Amarachi Amusi professionally known as Ashmusy has fearlessly revealed the compelling factors contributing to the unmarried status of many female celebrities in Nigeria.

During a recent discussion on the latest episode of the “Tell Your Story” podcast, which is hosted by Aloma Isaac Junior, also recognized as Zicsaloma, the social media personality drew from her own experiences as a prominent illustration.

She boldly stated that her reason for remaining single is due to her earning power, which exceeds that of most men who approach her for a romantic relationship.

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This is coming after Ashmusy had earlier disclosed that she bought her 2019 Range Rover Velar from her one month savings.

In her words; “With my status presently, most people [men] I meet, I ask them sometimes like, ‘How much do you earn in a month?’ So that I can compare because I want a man that is bigger than me.

“I want my man to be bigger than me; to be my head. To be way way richer than me like let my money be nothing compared to his, you know. But when I ask them [potential suitors about their earnings] and they tell me, even the ones that are doing good, I’m still doing better based on what I make [earn].

“So at the end, it is still like I’m still on top. Most men I meet are making less than what I make in a month. And it feels bad because I want some that will make more.”

Ashmusy underscored that the shift in women earning more than men is a significant contributing factor to the often brief duration of many celebrity marriages and relationships.


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She also highlighted how this factor influences the marital status of numerous accomplished female celebrities who remain unmarried.

Watch the video below (Swipe to view more);

See reactions below;

emekaamakeze: Most men are not intimidated by a woman’s wealth. It’s the disrespect that comes with it they try to avoid.

pharoahshound_tattoos_:  Most men are not scary or intimidated of richer women. They are scary of the attitude that comes with them. Men are simple, they just go for better options.

lordess_diva: U say Men are running from u yet u stil said u cnt be with a man u richer than 🙄🙄 Aunty abeg just stay single make everybody rest 🚶‍♀️🤦.

seun4life: Truth is, Men are not intimidated by successful women. Men are turned off the rudeness/cockiness/idiocrisy successful women exhibit when they come into money. If women could retain the same humility they had when they had nothing, they won’t be single when they are successful. Being a successful woman actually relieves some burden off Men.. just stay humble.. Men will wife the woman that seems reasonable. Humility exhibits reasonability. Arrogance is unattractive. We really don’t care what you make but women definitely care about what a guy makes. We need to do better.

naijabrandinfluencer: As long as the guy is comfortable and can take care of basic bills then that is fine. I would prefer a man that loves, value, respect me and support me over a rich and mannerless man. There’s more to a real man than money.

emma_onwuka: A man is not a man only because of his financial capability, his versatility supersedes that. Asides Transactional love what else do you bring to the table? Asides the flaunting and trips, you get standard? Do you aspire to speak at the UN? Which girl have you morally impacted her life? What project have you initiated that has challenged societal ills? You are rich but are you kind? Can you risk all you have rather than compromise? Are you deliberate about family? Please men have standards too, we know the kind of women we want in our lives. Lass lass everybody go dey alright. there is somebody for everybody.

chimdilawson: Which contradiction be this one? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ those of una wey dey shout “she’s right”, na comprehension be una problem or una just d@ft? 🤔🤔 someone is saying she doesn’t want a man she’s earning higher than, that she has been friends with men and ask what they earn monthly and she discovered she makes way more than they make monthly and because she wants her money to be way too small or almost nothing compared to her man, she’s loses interest. Then on same breathe she’s saying many celebrity females marriages don’t last or they are single because men are intimidated by their success and money. Like, is she not already telling you how she intimidated men she knew by asking them what they earn and upon realizing she earns way more than them, she loses interest? 🤦‍♂️ una really Miss Comprehension and deductive reasoning classes for school.

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