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“Women are not meant to be rich, they are meant to enjoy riches” – Career woman says in an interview

A career woman has shared her two cents on how ladies should be treated and accepted in the society.

The famous relationship coach, John Doe, shared her views about women on the bird app. He revealed that the career woman was interviewed by TVC news where he was fortuned to listen to it.

John narrated that the anchors of a program in TVC, “Your view” asked the woman who is the head of one of the DISCOS, a thrilling question.

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Being a career woman and wife, they asked her how she was able to manage her career and family. She explained her challenges managing her family being a wife, mother and also a career woman.

John Doe added that women are meant to be rich, they are meant to enjoy riches.

Sharing his post he said, “I was just listening to “Your view” on TVC. Their guest is a woman that’s the head of one of the DISCOS. After introducing her & her impressive cv, one of the very first questions the anchors asked her is “how do you manage your career & family?” She explained & talked about her challenges managing her family, being a wife & a mother & her career”.


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“Yesterday, I said women are not meant to be rich, they are meant to enjoy richies. It is not out of place to ask a career woman how she manages her family. The society knows that it’s her fundamental role. And will value her more by that than whatever career she has attained”.

“The guest herself knows that her career achievements is her doing more & going above and beyond her traditional roles. If she never chose to go that far, she’s still definitely not a failure”.

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“You rarely see career men being asked how they manage their career with family. No one really cares to ask you that. They expect that your wife handles that & is doing it well. If that woman is rich, has a blossoming career but is uncouth, disrespectful & a failed mother/wife, that’s what the society at large will judge her with. Not her money/career. Do you now see where I’m heading to? Being a career woman is good but not being one isn’t a failure either. Not making money as a woman is also not a failure. But It’s a failure if men don’t. End”.

The post triggered massive reactions as netizens expressed feelings. Some reactions are shown below:

@mysticlee16 said, “Thank God I am married to a man who doesnt believe that my primary purpose in this life is to rais kids and manage my family. My husband knows its his responsibilities too so in his career he doesn’t compromise his family in the hopes that I the wife will pick up the slack”.

@mrsvalerieu said, “Please girlfriend is different from WIFE.. Before you screenshot this and show to your boyfriend, think twice 😃.. Managing career and family is for Women. As a single lady, nothing limits you at all. Mr Jon didn’t break your relationship, you did!”

@sugar_mimy said, “Sometimes when my boyfriend cooks for me, while I sit down and cross leg, I start to feel useless. I start to feel like I’m the one supposed to be doing the cooking. There’s nothing wrong there but it just feels wrong. That’s how women are wired. Mind you we are both working o”.

@JnrZubair said, “That’s the problem there, u think a woman sits idle at home. Men should learn to appreciate more the work women put in at home, making it whole, the kids orderly and actually making a house a home… Women should be paid at director’s level for the staying at home alone!!!”



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