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You will remain poor forever, you will never achieve anything in life – OPM Pastor Places a curse on Happie Boys (Listen)

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Apostle Chinyere Chibuzor of Omega Power Ministries (OPM) in an audio that surfaced online places a heavy curse on viral security guard known as Happie Boys after trying to tarnish his image.

Recall yesterday, June 12th 2023, Happie Boys becomes one of the trending conversations on Instagram as they disclosed via their official Instagram page that they have dropped out of school in Cyprus.

Note that Happie Boys were the viral security guard sacked by chicken republic for dancing during work hours.

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Following this, they received public sympathy and were awarded a fully-funded scholarship, alongside their manager Caleb, to study abroad by philanthropist Apostle Chinyere Chibuzor of Omega Power Ministries (OPM).

In the Instagram post, Happie Boys said  they were only able to attend school for six months before being forced to drop out due to lack of sponsorship.

They also shared their conversations with Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, where they requested money from him multiple times, narrating their ordeals but he either claimed to be broke or ignored their messages.

Reacting to this, the OPM pastor in a video expresses his utmost displeasure over the way the conversation between them was leaked as he sees it as tarnishing of his image while disclosing that he doesn’t have money like before again.

See the post below (Swipe to view and listen to the audio by the OPM pastor);


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See reactions below;

luckyudu:  One thing touched me here “i don’t have money like before again”. Well, I cannot imagine what it feels like schooling outside Nigeria. To an extent, if they had something doing over there, they somehow would have been able to pay their rent and feed themselves, maybe paying school fees would have been the only burden for the man to bear but unfortunately, this wasn’t just about school fees cause if it were only about fees, going live alone to connect with their fans, it would have been easy for people to donate to pay up their fees, I would have even love to support with 300k or 500k just so they could finish their education but first of all they should be responsible to themselves, challenging themselves to pay their rent and feed themselves, I mean, it’s a tertiary institution and not a primary school. There’s always time to do a part time job or start a small business. If they can afford all those glittering clothes, they could afford to start something small, no matter how little. I understand they’re young guys and they constantly need money to keep up with life but I just wish, something was done differently.

funnyhypemanoflagos: his is not a pastor trust me. Because even with all that we did to Jesus, he never placed a c**se on humanity. Instead he asked his father in heaven to bless us for we don’t know what we are doing. This is definitely not a pastor trust me. And every c**se that he has placed on those innocent kids for their childish behavior, Will be reversed back to him in ten thousand folds in the name of Jesus. God said that he will c**se those that c**se you and also bless those that bless you. So for you to be a pastor and you have the mind to lay c**se on two innocent kids that could be your own kids, which means that you and your kids are also c**sed. So shall it be.

eriggapaperboi: Now listening to bad persin on repeat 😂.

eze_kurajah: Chicken republic go Dey laugh now 😢

kachiblaze: The man of God gave you guys a push, you can’t depend on him forever! That man has more than hundreds of students on scholarships, you’re not the first and won’t be the last! Or shey any other student done complain? Ask yourselves where you got it wrong! Maybe bad grades, the life style y’all portray out there. Omo na church send una comot no be street! What impact did you bring to the church when na church sponsor una, rather na to they drip, pierce ear, draw tattoo be the first thing wey una achieve. By now una suppose done gather enough to even change country but what do I know 🤷‍♂️ and you feel calling out your helper would make people help you! Or you want to tell me your family members don’t have access to meet with the man of God directly and resolve the issue! Last last Na why people no they help people be this.

kruzz_xx:  This boys are very stupid ooo… Person carry your enter Cyprus and you are still depending on him… if you were still working in chicken republic I’m sure you still won’t be able to afford getting yourselves an international passport. This is absolutely rubbish guys and I’m so sad that you can come out to the media and make this man look like a bad person…He has families too and we know to be a man is not easy, from the conversation you posted here now the man is not a bad person and he only did this to help you so don’t be ungrateful and stupid at the same time. Struggle and hustle for yourselves over there since it’s better than seeing yourselves in Chicken republic security uniforms.

may_khandiee:  Omo no matter Watin anybody wan tell me!!! You offered them 100% scholarships deal with it!!!! No be matter of being ungrateful😒 how much can you make in a foreign land in 6 months?! Ahnahn make we Dey reasonable ahbeg… his curses will not work cause those boys did not beg him for the scholarship!!! Shebi nah him wan use them shine before!!! Private jet with which people’s money?! Pastor wey Dey curse tch.

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