‘You’re the problem of Nigeria’ – Media personality Toke Makinwa slams Falz, Mr Macaroni, Peter Okoye and others following presidential election

Popular Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa in a lengthy post on social media accuses her colleagues, Falz, Mr Macaroni, Peter & Paul Okoye, Destiny Etiko, Adunni Ade and others of being the main problem of Nigeria following the recently concluded presidential elections. 

The recently concluded elections, most especially the presidential election has been a wild one, a situation where Nigerians most especially celebrities bullies themselves for not voting for their preferred candidate.

According to the post shared by Toke Makinwa, the problem of Nigeria is not bad leadership rather the people of Nigeria.

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Recently, Comedian Nasboi who is a supporter of Peter Obi unfollows Toyin Abraham, Eniola Badmus and Seyi Law after they declared their support for APC presidential candidate, Tinubu. Also, Destiny Etiko drags Eniola Badmus as being useless and senseless.

Peter Okoye, Mr Macaroni, Iyabo Ojo, Adunni Ade,  Falz among others are also well known for dragging their colleagues supporting other presidential candidates different from their preferred ones.

According to the media personality, bullying those who stayed quiet for their own reasons to bullying those who have candidates different from yours is wrong as she noted that this wont bring a better Nigeria.

She wrote, The past election weekend has been a wild one in Nigeria and through it all, one thing stood out for me. The problem of Nigeria is not bad leadership but the people. You see the leaders we complain about were once like you and I. We all need to do better. (Myself included).

From bullying people who stayed quiet for reasons only known to them (they don’t owe you anything), to bullying those who spoke but didn’t say what you wanted to hear, then the drama online from some public figures to the countless Instagram lives and the need to fight everyone who didn’t support your choice of candidate, what exactly is the problem????. The real enemy is Poverty, corruption, tribalism and Hate. Why are we bent on pulling each other down???

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How can I forget the group of people who didn’t vote but contributed from the comfort of their homes pressing phones, and of course the “fake” woke group who suddenly became prophets, scholars and historians, phewwww!

We want better, we need to do better simple. You don’t have to understand anyone’s choice of candidate but you must respect their “choice”. If you cannot make your point without insulting anyone then simply keep quiet and you cannot force anyone to share your opinion too.
You can disagree with someone without hurling insults and threats at them, let’s try healthy ways of communicate going forward.

Vote your vote and focus on your focus. There is really no difference between you and the thugs at polling units, just data and education as Darey put it.

We can all do better and the new Nigeria you desire starts with you. ❤️.”

She added; “You bully people on Twitter if they vote for a candidate you don’t like. Thugs bully people on the streets if those people vote for a candidate they don’t like. Stop complaining about election violence then because you sef for dey street. Na education separate una.”

See Toke Makinwa’s post below;

See reactions below;

retha_medae: What are you saying ? The people on the streets are with deadly weapons ready to take lives , How can you compare ? Please support BAT Jeje with your full chest not al these ones you saying .

the_winniefred: Are you seriously comparing ‘twitter warriors ‘ to those people on the street that harass people and are ready to take lives ??? Chelsea come on now ??? Chelsea come on now !

utchay_: If you want to support BAAT, do it with full chest and stop with the unrealistic, meaningless, baseless epistles. Nobody will beat you🙂.

asaaofficial: I can’t believe you compared the two ma’am , I disagree with this write up, we are at the verge of economic collapse, the youths are going through a lot, if we do not keep our personal interest aside and do the right thing, I do not see us heading anywhere. This is not the time to sit on the fence, some of you are privileged to escape this hell we are in called a country but stop comparing thuggery with people on social airing their opinions and calling people out on their bu..shit.

sixth_scent_xo: It should be compared because no form of bullying is right!!! Mental health of people are affected through finger bullying and because as country we do not recognise what mental health is, we think it’s okay to speak, type and shout at people anyhow.. Be mindful of people around you! Depression and anxiety is real.

active_donatello: You really don’t have sense toke, you compare thugs who shoot people dead and cut people up with knifes and broken bottles to people who feel the need for their voice to be heard and choose the best candidate for the job? Shame on you toke.

anita_marvins: if you want to support the people that rigged election, sent thugs to injure and kill people, then please do it with your full chest. Unless you are afraid of being “bullied online” Stop all these meaningless talk.

evelynuma_223: He said it all. Obi supporters went about politics the wrong way. U don’t force one to accept your candidate. And see how he failed in the north and south west states. He only got votes from the east that was still shared with tinubu. The igbos were too tribalistic about the candidate, that irritates. Now they came third and claiming they won. How can u win when u fail in the north? Democracy is not about bullying and hate speech, these set of people need to go and learn how politics is done.

fcmgist: So it’s suddenly online bullying when people started speaking their minds online? It’s suddenly online bullying when the people started saying “Enough is enough” with their tweets online? Thuggery on the street has been in existence for as long as possible and you are here comparing this to that? ASUU strike, out of school employment, fuel, and cash scarcity, etc and you want the youth to just swallow everything and keep mum?

rosemaryegbuna: Toke go sit down abeggggg. Just go and sit down one corner if you don’t have anything substantial to say. You saw the videos of the thuggery, ballot snatching, violence, tribal profiling happening in almost all the 36 states of the federation. That was basically what Nigerians feared and what gave rise to them frowning at anyone campaigning for that man and all of those fears came to reality. We know you voted for him just be quiet and do your thing in peace. Stop trying to be diplomatic here.

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