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Thursday, September 28, 2023

“You’re unfortunate and foolish” – Socialite Vera Sidika replies after Shakilla says her time has expired (Video)

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Highly endowed Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has wasted no time firing back at her fellow socialite Shakilla Tiffany after she disclosed that the former time has already expired.

20-year-old Kenyan socialite Shakilla in an interview with a local blog asserts that the time of 33-year-old Vera Sididka is already up on the street adding that she should not be competing with youngies like her.

This is coming after Shakilla raised eyebrows after she revealed that she has slept with over 100 men so far but below 150 men.

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She added Vera Sidika is a mother who is supposed to be at home breastfeeding her children instead of competing with young girls like her.

She further tells ladies to always utilize their time when they are young as she noted that women expire early and ladies between the age of 28 -30 have already expired on the streets.

Reacting to this, Vera Sidika via the insta-stories of her page said she is not unfortunate, foolish. ugly, dark-hearted like Shakilla.

She also placed emphasis on the fact that she is not her mate.

See below;



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See reactions below;

eriata_ese: It’s just how young people think they’ll never get old 😂, 10 years from now may seem far but it shows up really fast 🤭.

cocoplustwins: Why do people assume that your life is over at 30 or after kids. Like you can’t have fun, feel young, barhop etc anymore? Because one thing about me, i’m a mother first and a bad B right after.

wealthmeex: Age shaming is weird, did your own age stop moving ? Won’t you still grow ?

inimitimi: If you are lucky enough to live up to 33 we will see you too oldie.

onyinye_chi_:  In fact, a woman’s peak is in her 40s, kids all grown (if she started early), career advancing (she doesn’t need to work twice as much), she now has time to enjoy her money and go on girls trip cus she has time and money! She’s healthy af to look young (so far she keeps to a healthy plan)….

somto_agwu:  That’s kinda how we felt until we got to 30 and realised that 30 isn’t old 😂.

koko_butterr: This is the nonsense narrative the society has been peddling for years that made a lot of women become desperate when they are approaching 30years. Most of the end up making a terrible mistake out of desperation because the society has imbedded that silly “you are old and no man will find you attractive/or good enough” narrative in their heads. Aunty, please pray that you see 30years.

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