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Access Bank Past Questions and Answers [Free PDF]

Practice Access Bank past questions and answers for the 2023 Entry Level Recruitment exams so as to study and prepare ahead. The download is free and in PDF format.

Basically, the Access Bank Aptitude Test is a Computer-Based Assessment (CBA) and is a multiple-choice question that is divided into different categories. Namely: 

  1. Quantitative Reasoning
  2. Verbal reasoning
  3. Logical Reasoning

During the aptitude test, you will encounter 60 questions which you are to complete in 120 minutes. This means you have 2 minutes to answer each question.

Numerical reasoning contains basic, but logical quantitative questions, while verbal reasoning is not different from many standard aptitude tests.

Acess Bank Plc past questions and answers

Here you will get relevant questions and answers which are more likely to come up again this year’s exams.

We have created 50 questions for you to practice.

1. Dad had an average of 72 on his first four math tests. After taking the next test, his average dropped to 70. Which of the following in his most recent test grade?
A. 60
B. 62 
C. 64
D. 66
E. 68

2. What is the average of the first 15 positive integers?
A. 7
B. 7.5
C. 8 
D. 8.5
E. 9

3. David had d dollars. After a shopping trip, he returned with c cents. How many cents did he spend?
A. d-c
B. c-d
C. 100d-c 
D. 100c-d
E. d-100c

4. A certain copy machine produces 13 copies every 10 seconds. If the machine operates without interruption, how many copies will it produce in an hour?
A. 78
B. 468
C. 1800
D. 2808
E. 4680

5. A suit marked at $80 is sold for $68. What is the rate discount?
A. 15% 
B. 12%
C. 17%
D. 20%
E. 24%

6. What was the original price of a radio that sold for $70 during a 20% off?
A. $84
B. $56
C. $87.50 
D. $92
E. &90

7. What is 40% of 16?
A. 6.4 
B. 64
C. 640
D. 0.64
E. 0.064

8. What is the number of triangles in an octagon?
A. 326
B. 120
C. 56 
D. 180
E. cannot be determined

9. The average of 5 quantities is 6. The average of 3 of them is 8. What is the average of the remaining two numbers?
A. 6.5
B. 4
C. 3 
D. 3.5
E. 2.5

10. The price of a product is reduced by 30%. By what percentage should it be increased to make it 100%?
A. 38.758 %
B. 42.857% 
C. 62%
D. 70%
E. None of the above

11. If you take 29 oranges from 60 oranges, how many oranges will you have?
A. 89
B. 60
C. 31
D. 29 
E. None of the above

12. If a class begins at 2:21pm and ends at 4:36pm the same afternoon, how many minutes long is the class?
A. 75minutes
B. 135minutes 
c. 150minutes
D. 215minutes
E. 285minutes

13. If two typists can type two pages in two minutes, how many typists will it take to type 18 pages in six minutes?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 6 
D. 12
E. 36

14. The enrollments at College X and College Y both grew by 8 percents from 1980 to 1985. If the enrollment at College X grew by 800 and the enrollment at College Y grew by 840, the enrollment at College Y was how much greater than the enrollment at College X in 1985?
A. 400
B. 460
C. 500
D. 540 
E. 580

15. What is 200% of 0.010?
A. 0.0002
B. 0.0005
C. 0.020
D. 0.050
E. 0.20 

16. If 3/p=6 and 3/q=15 the p-q=?
A. 1/3
B. 2/5
C. 3/10 
D. 5/6
E. None of the above

17. What of the following is the greatest?
A. 40% of 30
B. 3/5 of 25
C. 6.5% of 200 
D. five more than the square of 3
E. 1/2-4

18. If the valure of XYZ company stock drops from $25 per share to $21 per share, what is the percent of the decrease?
A. 4
B. 8
C. 12
D. 16
E. 20 

19. What is the greatest value of a positive integer n such that 3n is factor of 1815?
A. 15
B. 18
C. 30
D. 33 
E. 45

20. Round uo 2.484 to the nearest hundredth
A. 24.82
B. 2.48
C. 248.4 
D. 24.480

In each of the following problems; there are some sentences, read them carefully and decide which one should come first, which second and which third, etc.
1. Prices of foodstuff shot up
2. Famers complained bitterly of poor harvest
3. The rains started late this year
A. 3,2,1
B. 2,1,3
C. 2,3,1
D. 1,3,2
E. 1,2,3 

1. The lion goes in search of food for his family
2. The lioness has just had three clubs
3. She guards them day and night
A. 3,2,1
B. 2,1,3
C. 2,3,1
D. 1,3,2
E. 1,2,3 

1. Mrs Adebayo had a stomach ulcer
2. She bought some drugs to cure it
3. She went in to see the specialist
A. 3,1,2
B. 1,2,3
C. 2,3,1
D. 1,3,2 

24. Which of the following word is the opposite of “Probity”?
A. Turpitude 
B. Voracious
C. Devotion
D. Dignity

25. What is the opposite of the word “Taciurn”?
A. Talkative 
B. Unresponsive
C. irresponsible
D. Cowardice


Select the pair which has the same relationship.
A. comfort: stimulant
B. grief: consolation 
C. trance: narcotic
D. ache:extraction

A. first:second
B. present:past 
C. successor:predecessor
D. contemporary:historic

Choose the word or phrase which is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capitals
A. loathe
B. despise
C. adore 
D. abhor
E. attach

A. servile
B. first
C. fawning
D. supercilious 
E. improper

A. entangle
B. rescue
C. fail
D. assert 
E. predict

A. defer
B. vacilate
C. sever
D. conjoin
E. laud 

A. luxury
B. magnificence
C. richness
D. contentment
E. scarcity 

A. decent 
B. savage
C. major
D. volatile
E. scabby

A. praise 
B. repetition
C. escape
D. ratification
E. addition

A. deteriorate
B. weaken
C. constrict 
D. concentrate
E. fold

39. TOUT
A. cast aspersions on
B. deny the relevance of
C. placate
D. withhold consent
E. mispresent 

A. fervid
B. florid
C. pristine a
D. extraneous
E. abundant

41. In how many ways can Ann, Bea, Cam, Don, Ella and Fey be seated if Ann and Bea cannot be seated next to each other?
A. 240
B. 360
C. 480
D. 600
E. 250

42. If two typist can type two pages in two minutes, how many typists will taken to type 18 pages in six minutes?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 6
D. 12
E. 36

43. Complete the sequence in the series 25, 100, 225, 400, 625, ___
A. 725
B. 775
C. 825
D. 900
E. 925

44. The Roman numeral MDCCCCLXXXVIII is ____
A. 1878
B. 1888
C. 1988
D. 1899
E. 1818

45. If a sum of money componded annually amiunts to thrice itselfs in 3 years. In how many years will it becomes 9 times itself?
A. 4 years
B. 5 years
C. 6 years
D. 7 years
E. 8 years

46. What percent of 15 is 15 percent of 1?
A. 0.001
B. 0.001
C. 1
D. 10

47. What is the number of triangles in an octagon?
A. 326
B. 120
C. 56
D. 180
E. cannot be determined

48. There are two dogs in each corner of a room shaped like an octagon. How many dogs are in the room?
A. 8
B. 10
C. 12
D. 14
E. 16

49. A bank department employs 2800 people of whom 70 percent are cash officers and one-fourth are marketing officers. The number of employees in the bank who are neither cash officers nor marketing officers is.
A. 235
B. 250
C. 140
D. 155
E. 160

50. The price of a product is reduced by 30%. By what percentage should it be increased to make it 100%?
A. 38.758%
B. 42.857%
C. 62%
D. 70%
E. None of the above

Take advantage of the first bank past questions and answers to prepare for this aptitude test, so that you will pass to the next stage of the recruitment

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