Graduate Job Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers [Free PDF Download]

Practice Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers for the upcoming graduate trainee exams (Fidelity Bank, Moniepoint, First Bank Limited, Flour Mill, Ecobank, Access Bank, and many more) so as to study and prepare ahead. The download is free and in PDF format.

Most Nigerian companies used Dragnet to administer Pre-employment aptitude tests. Dragnet examination is administered for oil & gas companies, engineering, FMCG, and some bank jobs.

As a recent graduate, you will probably experience a dragnet test in your job search.

It is important you know that the Dragnet examination is a computer-based examination. Also, the questions are usually GSE questions.

Dragnet examination usually comprises three sections. And they are numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and abstract reasoning.

Here you will get relevant questions and answers which are more likely to come up again in this year’s exams.

Important Tips on How to Pass Graduate Recruitment Aptitude Test

  • Before choosing any choice when it comes to multiple choice questions be sure to read carefully before answering
  • Do not forget to keep a watch on the time taken to solve each question as timing is highly important in these examinations.
  • Not completing the aptitude test will have a great impact on your overall score. So it is better to attempt all questions
  • Remember to click on the submit button before the examination time elapses.
  • It’s a fact that less sleep lowers mental agility. So, make sure that you rest your brain on the day before the examination.

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