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25 Best Freelance Websites to find Job In 2023

As of 2021, the total unemployed population in Nigeria was estimated at a peak of around 6.3 million. This increased from the preceding year, when around six million people were not in any form of employment According to “Statistia”.

Due to coronavirus, Job searches for remote work are up 460% in the two years according to Glassdoor data.

This has made many Nigerians equipped with employable skills access to work at an international company while staying in their comfort zone.

unemployment rate in Nigeria
Unemployment rate in Nigeria - Statistia

What is Freelance /Remote Jobs?

Freelancing is a type of self-employment where instead of being recruited by a company, the person used his skills and experience to provide services to a number of clients/companies.

In addition to this, you also have to apply caution when searching for freelance jobs as there are quite a few web pages that are there to scam people of their time and knowledge.

Here are the list of the best freelance job websites.

For a freelancer in today’s marketplace, Upwork is certainly one of the most well-known. The website caters to a wide range of freelancers.

All you need to do is sign up for a category that you are best suited for and if you are a business owner, you can easily look up any freelancer you want to render their services to you.


  • Upwork allows secure financial transactions between freelancers and customers, thus significantly improving business transactions. 
  • It’s easy for freelancers to find jobs and potential clients

The downside of this site is the fees. They take a 20% cut on the first $500 per client for new users until you build up a regular relationship with a client.

Visit Website: https://www.upwork.com/


Freelancer hosts a huge variety of remote jobs, such as web developers, marketing, designing, accounting, and so on. With over 45 million users from more than 247 countries signed up, Freelancer is one of the largest directories for freelancers.


  • Offer the best rates for services.
  • Freelancers on the site have the freedom to set their own hours.
  • Transactions on the platform are secure and protected

The downside of this site is that they only give eight free applications a month for a free membership plan. Make sure you maximize your 8 free job proposals.

Flex Jobs

As the name implies flexibility is the founding principle of flex jobs. With over 50 career categories, there is about something for everyone. The freelance job openings a curated from a large pool and as such, you would almost always find something to apply for.

Benefits: Flex Job place a high priority on job legitimacy making it a scam-free freelance platform that offers 30 day money-back guarantee

The downside of Flex Jobs is Like many freelance sites, FlexJobs’ allows individuals to apply for job opportunities only after a membership subscription and there are no features for portfolio building

Visit Website: https://www.flexjobs.com/


Fiverr provides a great place to develop your portfolio if you’re just getting into the freelance game, especially since all of these gigs are remote jobs you can tackle from anywhere in the world.

The website takes inclusiveness to a new level by incorporating different price points. This means you can find freelancers that would provide services for your budget. The procurement process is also fast-paced and payment is secure.

Benefits: Some freelance websites offer listings, others are paid, while some websites make freelancers bid on a potential project. With Fiverr, you don’t need to beg for work because the clients will come to you. Also, you do not need to force yourself to underbid.

The downside of Fiverr is difficult for beginners to land gigs because Fiverr algorithm pushes freelancers who have good reviews up in their search engines when clients search for freelancers.

Visit Website: https://www.fiverr.com/


Guru’s site is sleek and intuitive, making it ultra-easy to set up a profile that shows off your freelance experience, and puts you in the running to connect with potential clients for remote jobs they have available.

Benefits: To be a member at Guru does require a fee, but they compensate with a healthy amount of free applications, rationed by the year.

The downside of Guru is complaints of the potential fake clients, so every freelancer must be careful to not fall prey.

Visit Website: https://www.guru.com/

Visit HERE to check out many more Job opportunities.


Remotive’s freelance professional in the following categories: education, engineering, HR, marketing, sales, product, and customer support.

It’s easy to see when a job has posted, where it is located, and what specialty it falls under. Once you register and are verified as a freelancer, you will be notified of openings in fields you are qualified for.


Twine is a freelance job board where freelancers are matched with clients seeking their help for projects in exchange for a fee. With over 350,000 freelancers, Twine runs a veritable hiring system that includes payment protection and quality assurance.

Visit Website: https://www.twine.fm/


Valily is a platform primarily for the software industry. A wide range of IT professionals provide services ranging from graphic designing, software engineering, CSS, project management, open-source software, social media, and so on.

Visit Website: https://valilly.com/#homepage

Andel List

Valily is a platform primarily for the software industry. A wide range of IT professionals provide services ranging from graphic designing, software engineering, CSS, project management, open-source software, social media and so on.

Visit Website: https://angel.co/


CodePen is a platform aimed at matching front-end developers and designers that to organizations recruiting professionals for their services in both remote and location-based jobs.

Visit Website: https://codepen.io/jobs/

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If you have been paying close attention, you would notice that a large number of freelance websites provide for tech talents. Krop is one of them.

Here, you can access many website templates, creative portfolios, and tech jobs such as software development, graphic designing, data analysis, data mining and so on.

Visit Website: http://www.krop.com/


Dribbble is a multiple purpose job portal. In addition to providing graphic design job openings, it also serves as a platform for graphic designers to build career networks. Yes, a networking tool of sorts. So, you get the opportunity to secure freelance gigs and extend your professional circle. Sounds cool, right?.

Visit Website: https://dribbble.com/jobs

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Working Nomads 

On Working Nomads, you can look for a rundown of the best digital freelance gigs or post your own work. Find freelance openings in designing, development, branding, project management, framework organization, and so on on the website.

Visit Website: https://www.workingnomads.co/jobs

Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger is a platform for content writers and bloggers alike. Here you can offer your services as a skilled content writer, tech blogger, content manager, digital communication expert and more.

Visit Website: http://problogger.com/jobs/


One thing Toptal offers in addition to the wide range of freelancers availability, payment management, and so on is exclusivity. With industry experts recruited by Toptal, as a freelancer, your request will be hand-selected by them to ensure optimal service.

Visit Website: https://www.toptal.com/


Simply hired is a platform for freelancers that offers tailored job search, salary estimation and so on. If you are a freelancer that signed up on it, you would be applying on a platform that caters extensively for your skills.

Visit Website: https://www.simplyhired.com/


Another top freelancing website is Guru. With many categories and subcategories, the website has a wide range of services and freelancers willing to offer them. It also provides payment calculation services as well as safe payment options.

Visit Website: https://www.guru.com/


No list about jib websites (of any kind) would be complete without LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to search for job openings, build relationships, expand your network, stay in contact with colleagues, read up career and world news, and share industry trends and information.

There is an abundance of freelance jobs on LinkedIn. Create a befitting profile and optimize it to increase your chances of being hired.

Visit Website: https://www.linkedin.com/


A quick glance at the Behance website opens you to a world of quirky media. The website is a platform for graphic designers and enthusiasts and those in need of their services.

Visit Website: https://www.behance.net/


This is an independent site where designers can discover everything about their specialization. Here you can look for employment in the web, business, craftsmanship, or book design area.

Visit Website: https://99designs.com/

Visit HERE to check out many more Job opportunities.


Dribbble is a multiple purpose job portal. In addition to providing graphic design job openings, it also serves as a platform for graphic designers to build career networks. Yes, a networking tool of sorts. So, you get the opportunity to secure freelance gigs and extend your professional circle. Sounds cool, right?.

Visit Website: https://dribbble.com/jobs


Viedit houses video editing professionals on its portal. Although primarily freelance, you can also find a full-time and or on-site video editor by searching for an ‘an editor near you on the website”.

And if you are a video editor, all you need do is sign up, then upload your portfolio on the website and you will be connected with clients whose demands you are capable of meeting.

Visit Website: http://www.viedit.com/video-editor


TutorMe is an online educational platform that provides on-demand tutoring services and online courses. This website hosts teaching professionals including graduate students, exceptional students willing to offer tutoring services online in over 300 courses.

Visit Website: https://tutorme.com/


With the motto “Your Job is our Job”, Hirable focuses on matching freelancers with well-vetted employers for free. Web development is the primary focus and the openings are not just limited to freelance jobs.

Visit Website: https://wearehirable.com/


With Upstack a developer can expect great clients, simple and above-average payment models, and a very simple (but effective) work structure. Projects at Upstack have an average time period of 6+ months or more. You can expect consistent revenues instead of searching for jobs every few days.

Visit Websites: https://upstack.grsm.io/dev

How to select the best Freelance Website?

To select the best Freelance website, consider the following factors:

  • Try to find a freelance website that is more specific based on your skills rather than a general freelance website
  • Carefully go through the operations of the freelance website
  • Read all the terms and conditions of the freelance website carefully before signing up
  • Customer Support
  • Commission fees
  • Payment modes available
  • It is good to research the freelance website from forums and people who are already working with that website before signing up

Note: To ensure that you don’t get kicked out of freelancing websites, read their terms and conditions and stick to them to the latter.

There are certain skills that are in high demand for freelance workers in 2022. Also, there are many available free websites to learn and acquired those skills.

In-demand Skills for Freelancers in 2022

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Consultancy
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography & Videography
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media Manager & Community Manager
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Motion graphics
  • Website development (Coders, Developers & Programmers, Software Engineers)
  • Writing (Copywriting, Content marketing, Report Writing)
  • Machine Learning
  • Automation
  • Data Analytics Skills
  • Mobil Application Skills
  • Video Production
  • Product Management
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Blockchain
  • Robotics
  •  AI
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