7 Easiest Countries that Give Digital Nomad Visas to Nigerians

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What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

Digital nomad visas are permits that allow you to work remotely in a foreign country. You usually have to work for an employer or company outside of your host country or have a business you can manage from anywhere in the world to qualify for this visa.

Eligibility Criteria For a Digital Nomad Visa

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Here are some eligibility criteria you have to meet for the digital nomad visa:

  • You must be over 18 years of age.
  • You must have a specific monthly income (the amount varies from country to country).
  • You must have a job you can do from anywhere in the world.

Digital Nomad Visa Application Process

You can apply for a digital nomad visa by following the instructions below:

  • Fill out the application form.
  • Make an appointment with an embassy or consulate.
  • Prepare your documents.
  • Submit your application. 

What are the Easiest countries for Digital Nomad Visas? 

With 49 countries now offering digital nomad visa options, each with its own requirements. It is important to note that Nigerian citizens can only apply for a digital nomad visa in some of these countries.

However, here’s a list of five affordable countries where Nigerians can apply for nomad visas

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Bermuda digital nomad visa is also known as Bermuda Work From Bermuda which is a certificate that permits digital nomads to work remotely for 12 months.

Nigerians don’t need proof of income to apply for this visa but must have enough income to support themselves for the full year alongside a $263 application fee.

Necessary documents include health insurance and proof of independent business or self employment.

Applicants cannot have a criminal record, and all applications must be submitted on the same day.

Processing of applications takes approximately five business days.

  • Visa cost: $263 for application
  • Visa length: 1 year
  • Visa processing time: Within 5 days
  • Average cost of living: $5,239 per month (including rent) for 1 person
  • How to apply: Online


The Estonia Digital Nomad Visa is a special visa program that allows Nigerians to live and work remotely in Estonia for a period of up to 12 months. 

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Applicants must be employed by a foreign company, conduct business through your own foreign company, or work as a freelancer for mostly foreign clients; at least €4,500 monthly income within the past 6 months

Visa applications must be submitted online and in person at the Estonian Embassy or Consulate nearest to you.

  • Visa cost: €80 for short stay; €100 for long stay
  • Visa length: 1 year
  • Visa processing time: 15 to 30 days
  • Average cost of living: €1,356 per month (including rent) for 1 person
  • How to apply: Online and in person at an embassy in your home country

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Costa Rica

Nigerian nationals have the opportunity to apply for the Costa Rica Nomad Visa, allowing them to work remotely in the country for up to 12 months. To qualify, applicants must demonstrate an monthly income of at least $3,000.

  • Visa cost: $100 for application; $90 for immigration document
  • Visa length: 1 year, up to 2 years with renewal
  • Visa processing time: About 14 days
  • Average cost of living: $1,406 per month (including rent) for 1 person
  • How to apply: Online

Cabo Verde

With the Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) digital nomad visa, also known as Cabo Verde Work, ECOWAS citizens have the opportunity to reside in the country for 180 days.

Self-employed individuals or remote workers with a proof of income of $22,000 per year are eligible to apply for the visa.

Moreover, maintaining a minimum bank account balance of €1,500 for individuals and €2,700 for families over the past six months is also a requirement.

Applicants will submit five documents with the application, including a passport and health insurance, and provide 10 documents to border authorities in person after arriving at one of the 10 islands.

  • Visa cost: €20 for visa; €34 upon arrival
  • Visa length: 6 months, up to 12 months with renewal
  • Visa processing time: About 2 weeks
  • Average cost of living: $936 per month (including rent) for 1 person
  • How to Apply: Online

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Nigerian citizens can apply to work remotely from Croatia for 12 months through its temporary residence program that mirrors the digital nomad visa.

Interested applicants will need a $32,000 per year proof of income, which increases by 10 percent for every family member.

When submitting their application, individuals are required to provide multiple documents, including Form 1a if applying in person, and will incur a $200 fee that varies based on the application method.

  • Visa cost: €158 
  • Visa length: 1 year
  • Visa processing time: 30-60 days
  • Average cost of living: €1,220 per month (including rent) for 1 person
  • How to apply: Online or in person at a consulate or embassy in your home country


The Portugal D7 visa, known as the Portugal digital nomad visa, requires applicants to spend a minimum of 12 to 16 months in Portugal during the initial two years of obtaining the visa, and at least 28 months in the country within every three-year period.

Applicants must demonstrate an income of approximately €7,000 per year and pay a total application fee of $155, covering both the visa and residence permit.

Along with the completed application form, applicants need to submit a valid passport, two passport-size photos, valid travel insurance, proof of residence if applicable, evidence of sufficient income, or a term of responsibility signed by a Portuguese resident.

Furthermore, applicants must provide documentation showing ownership of a business entity or a contract for service provision, as well as a statement from an authority confirming the applicant’s qualifications for employment in their field.

  • Visa cost: €180; €320 for residency card
  • Visa length: 1 year, up to 5 years with renewal
  • Visa processing time: 3-4 months
  • Average cost of living: 1,415€ per month (including rent) for 1 person
  • How to apply: In person at a consulate or embassy in your home country
Explore More Opportunities

Other Countries that offer Digital Nomads Visa

  • Andorra
  • Dominica
  • Mexico
  • Anguilla
  • Dubai
  • Montenegro
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Ecuador
  • Aruba
  • Argentina
  • North Macedonia
  • Brazil
  • Georgia
  • Montserrat
  • Norway
  • Bahamas
  • Germany
  • Panama
  • Portugal
  • Greece
  • Romania
  • Belize
  • Hungary
  • Saint Lucia
  • Cayman Islands
  • Colombia
  • Iceland
  • Seychelles
  • Cabo Verde
  • Indonesia
  • South Africa
  • Curaçao
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Croatia
  • Latvia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Czechia
  • Malta
  • Taiwan
  • Uruguay
  • Cyprus
  • Mauritius
  • Thailand

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