First Bank of Nigeria Past Questions and Answers [Free PDF]

Practice First Bank of Nigeria past questions and answers for the 2022 graduate trainee exams so as to study and prepare ahead. The download is free and in PDF format.

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Basically, the First Bank Recruitment Test is a Computer-Based Assessment (CBA) and is a multiple-choice question that is divided into different categories. Namely:

  1. Critical Reasoning 
  2. Verbal reasoning
  3. Abstract Reasoning
  4. Numerical Reasoning

During the aptitude test, you will encounter 80 questions which you are to complete in 60 minutes. This means you have 45 seconds to answer each question.

Numerical reasoning contains basic, but logical quantitative questions, while verbal reasoning is not different from many standard aptitude tests. The critical reasoning section basically
tests your ability to identify patterns, then finally the abstract reasoning that comes last.

First Bank of Nigeria past questions and answers

Here you will get relevant questions and answers which are more likely to come up again this year’s exams.

We have created 50 questions for you to practice.

  1. Which of the following word is opposite of “Probity”?
    A. Turpitude
    B. Veracious
    C. Devotion
    D. Dignity
    E. Allegiance                   
  2. The book “arrow of God” is written by?
    A. Ola Rotimi
    B. Wole Soyinka
    C. Chinua Achebe
    D. Elechi Amadi
    E. Mwesi Mbongo 
  3. Which number will complete this sequence?
    486, 648, 321, 276, ________
    A. 267
    B. 427
    C. 762
    D. 627               
  4. What percent of 50 is 2?
    A. 2%
    B. 2.5%
    C. 4%
    D. 5%
    E. 1%   
  5. Bicycle is to Car as Man is to _____
    A. Ostrich
    B. Centipede
    C. Elf
    D. Dog
    E. Woman             
  6. If Q= (-7-9) What is P?
    A. 15
    B. 16
    C. -15
    D. Cannot be determined
    E. -16       
  7. In a college the ratio of the number of boys to girls is 8:5. If there are 160 girls, what is the total number of students in the college?
    A. 100
    B. 250
    C. 260
    D. 416
    E. 420
  8. What number should replace the question mark?
    10, 21, 33, 46, 60, 75, ?
    A. 91
    B. 86
    C. 90
    D. 81    
  9. If N500 amount to N583.20 in two years compounded annually, the rate of interest per annum is ____________
    A. 6%
    B. 6.5%
    C. 7%
    D. 8%
    E. 12% 
  10. The autonyms question below consists of a word printed in Italics, followed by five words or phrase as choices. Choose the word or phrase which is most nearly opposite in meaning od the word in capitals.

    A. defer
    B. vacillate
    C. sever
    D. conjoin
    E. laud 

  11. The autonyms question below consists of a word printed in Italics, followed by five words or phrase as choices. Choose the word or phrase which is most nearly opposite in meaning od the word in capitals.

    A. not resonant
    B. not reddish
    C. not eager
    D. pompous
    E. loud 

  12. Complete the sequence 3, 23, 43, 63, ?, 103
    A. 53
    B. 23
    C. 83
    D. 73
    E. None of these 
    A. decent
    B. savage
    C. major
    D. volatile
    E. scabby 
  14. I look forward to _________________ you
    A. be seeing
    C. have seen
    C. See
    D. seeing

Each of the analogy questions below consists of two words that have a certain relationship to each other. Followed by five lettered pairs of related words. Select the lettered pair of words.

A. area: square inch
B. milk: quart
C. society: classes
D. letter: alphabet
E. time: minutes 

16. Which is the odd one out?
A. Pencil
B. Crayon
C. Paper
D. Pen
E. Marker

17. Pear is to Apple as Potato is to?
A. Banana
B. Radish
C. Strawberry
D. Peach
E. Lettuce

Fill___ in the missing gap with the most appropriate option

18. The pastor chose to retain the chairmanship position _____ himself
A. for
B. with
C. to
D. by 

19. What is the capital city of Niger State _____
A. Niamey
B. Ndjamena
C. Minna
D. Montreal
E. Maiduguri

20. The Politician is highly respected by members of his local community, he enjoys a lot of _______ support
A. electorate
B. genuine
C. grassroots
D. internal 

21 I look forward to ________ you
A. be seeing
B. have seen
C. see
D. seeing

22. If apples are brought at the rate of 30 for a rupee. How many apples must be sold for a rupee so as to gain 20%
A. 28
B. 25
C. 20
D. 22 

23 Which unit of a computer enables you see what is going on?
A. Graphics Display unit
B. Graphics Control unit
C. Visual Display Unit
D. Visuals control and Display unit 

24 Which of these persons is the current minister of Petroleum as today January 11, 2016?
A. Baba Raji Fashola
B. Ifeanyi Uba
C. Mohamodu Buhari
D. Alison Madueke
E. Emmanuel Ibe Kuchiku

In the following questions select the word in brackets that means the same or has the closet meaning to the word in capitals
A. lament
B. foster
C. exalt
D. enjoy
E. forgive 

A. chic
B. lax
C. protective
D. choosy
E. viable 

27. The average wages of a worker during a fortnight comprising 15 consecutive working days was N90 per day
During the first 7 days, his avearge wages was N87/day and the avearge wages during the last 7 days was N92/day. what was his wage on the 8th day?
A. 83
B. 92
C. 90
D. 97 

28. The average of 5 quantities is 6. The average of 3 of them is 8. What is the average of the reamining two numbers?
A. 6.5
B. 4
C. 3
D. 3.5

The poplation of a town was 3600 three years back. It is 4800 righ now. What will be the population three years down the line, if the rate of growth of population has been constant over the years and has been compounding annually?
A. 6000
B. 6400
C. 7200
D. 9600 

30. A man invests N5000 for 3 years at 5% p.a. compound interest reckoned yearly. income tax at the rate of 20% on the interest
earned is deducted at the end of each year. Find the amount at the end of the third year.
A. 5624.32
B. 5630.50
C. 5788.125
D. 5627.20 

31. Find the number of triangles in an octagon
A. 326
B. 120
C. 56
D. cannot be determined 

32. Find the equation of a line whose intercepts are twice of the line 3x – 2y – 12 = 0
A. 3x-2y = 24
B. 2x-3y = 12
C. 2x-3y = 24
D. None of these                                  Answer A

33 Find the area of the triangle whose vertices are (-6, -2), (-4, -6), (-2, 5)
A. 36
B. 18
C. 15
D. 30 

34. Which of the following is inCorrect?
A. An incentre is a point where the angle bisectors meet
B. The median of any side of triangle bisects the side at right angle.
C. The point at which the three altitudes of a triangle meet is the orthocentre
D. The point at which the three perpendicular bisectors meet is the centre of the circumcircle

35. The angle of elevation of the top of a tower 30m high, from two points on the level ground on its opposite sides are 45 degrees and 60 degrees.
What is the distance between the two points?
A. 30
B. 51.96
C. 47.32
D. 81.96 

36. By walking at 3/4th of his usual speed, a man reaches office 20 minutes later than usual. What is his usual time?
A. 30min
B. 60min
C. 70min
D. 50min    

37. If the wheel of a bicycle makes 560 revolutions in traveling 1.1 km, What is its radius?
A. 31.25cm
B. 37.75cm
C. 35.15cm
D. 11.25cm

38. X alone can do a piece of work in 15days and Y alone can do it in 10 days. X and Y undertook to do it for N720. With the help of Z they finished it in 5 days. How much is paid Z?
A. N360
B. N120
C. N240
D. N300

39. A red light flashes 3 times per minute and a green light flashes 5 times in two minutes at regular intervals.
If both lights start flashing at the same time, how many times do they flash together in each hour?
A. 30
B. 24
C. 20
D. 60 

40. A number is selected at random from first thirthy natural numbers. What is the chance that it is a multiple of either 3 or 13?
A. 17/30
B. 2/5
C. 11/30
D. 4/15

41. If the radius of a circle is increased by 20% then the area is increased by:
A. 44%
B. 120%
C. 144%
D. 40%
E. None of the above 

42. A plot of land is in the shape of a trapezium whose dimensions are given in the figure below;
Hence the perimeter of the field is
A. 50m
B. 64m
C. 72m
D. 84m
E. none of the above 

43. If 3/p = 6 and 3/q=15 the p-q = ?
A. 1/3
B. 2/5
C. 3/10
D. 5/6
E. None of the above 

44. What is the greatest value of a positive integer n such that 3n is a factor of 1815?
A. 15
B. 18
C. 30
D. 33
E. 45 

45. The average of 5 quantities is 10 and the average of 3 of them is 9. What is the average of the remaining?
A. 11
B. 12
C. 11.5
D. 12.5

A. Luxury
B. Magnificence
C. Richness
D. Contentment
E. Scarcity

A. Decent
B. Savage
C. Major
D. Volatile
E. Scabby

A. Praise
B. Repetition
C. Escape
D. Ratification
E. Addition

A. Deteriorate
B. Weaken
C. Constrict
D. Concentrate
E. Fold  

A. Fervid
B. Florid
C. Pristine
D. Extraneous
E. Abundant 

Take advantage of the first bank past questions and answers to prepare for this aptitude test, so that you will pass to the next stage of the recruitment

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