Top 15 Highest Paying Countries for Caregivers

Caregivers play a vital role in healthcare system, providing care and support to children, elderly, and disabled citizens. They work in various settings, including hospitals, homes, and community health centers. 

This blog post details the highest-paying countries for caregivers, providing a salary review for those looking to travel and work in a foreign land as caregivers. 

The data is curated from the average salaries of caregivers for each country ERI Economic Research Institute. 


Germany is a country with a growing population of elders. The aging of the population has resulted in an increasing demand for caregivers for the elderly. 

Germany addressed the caregiver labor shortage by creating a robot named “Garmi” that is capable of conducting diagnostics, delivering care, and aiding in tasks such as meal service and video calls. However, a key obstacle that still needs to be overcome is building patient confidence in integrating these robots into the healthcare sector as caregivers.

The Salary of a caregiver in Germany depends on the number of hours worked and additional responsibilities. Furthermore, obtaining an additional qualification can enhance a caregiver’s earning potential.

Average Salary: $36,541 


Australia provides free support services, financial assistance, and coaching through programs like the Carer Gateway to approximately 2.7 million caregivers. Among countries, Australia has a high demand for care workers.

You must obtain a vocational education and training qualification offered by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to become a caregiver in Australia, which covers essential topics like personal care, independence, and emotional care.

Average Salary: $36,280


Red-White-Red Card (or permit) allows qualified workers from EU or EEA to stay and work at companies in Austria. To become a caregiver in Austria, one can apply for a Red-White-Red Card for Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations if one has completed professional training as a registered nurse or nursing assistant. 

Although receiving a job offer from Austria and meeting the minimum point requirements are crucial, it is essential to note that the training completed abroad must be validated. 

Proficiency in the German language is also a key requirement for registration in the health professional register. Additionally, Austria is recognized as one of the top-paying countries for caregivers in Europe.

Average Salary: $36,141 


Finland is known for having one of the best healthcare systems in the world. The country is an ideal choice for caregivers as it promises high-quality healthcare services, extensive social support programs, and a great work-life balance. 

Average Salary: $35,258 


The healthcare sector is one that’s growing rapidly in Ireland. The size of the population aged over 65 will expand significantly over the next twenty years. That means there will be plenty of job opportunities for career progression in healthcare role.

To be a Caregiver in Ireland you’ll need to earn a relevant FETAC/QQI Level 5 qualification or equivalent. It’s only possible to complete your QQI training with an accredited provider.

Ireland is considered one of the best countries for caregivers because of its highly advanced  healthcare system, strong worker protections, and a supportive legal framework. Hence, caregivers can benefit from fair wages and accessible training programs.

Average Salary: $34,294 


The Netherlands offers high salaries to caregivers as part of a comprehensive healthcare system which is aimed at attracting and retaining skilled professionals. This also explains why the Netherlands is also one of the highest paying countries for nurses.

Average Salary: $33,804 


Apart from its high wages, Norway has an excellent healthcare system, strong workers’ rights, and overall high quality of life. It offers a welcoming environment for skilled professionals. Norway is one of the top paying countries for caregivers.

Average Salary: $32,818 

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Canada has a number of caregiver immigration programs, such as the Home Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot. These programs offer pathways to permanent residence for caregivers which fulfills the high demand for their services. Canada is one of the countries with the highest salaries for caregivers. 

Average Salary: $32,360

United Kingdom

The UK offers good salaries to caregivers as there is a high demand for healthcare services in the country and an aging population with a commitment to providing quality care. This drives up wages to attract and retain skilled caregivers in a competitive labor market. UK is one of the highest paying countries for pharmacists. 

Average Salary: $29,597

New Zealand

Owing to the shortages of caregivers, Southland caregivers in New Zealand are struggling with overwhelming workloads and staff shortages. They often face ratios of two staff members to 27 residents which causes emotional distress and guilt for taking even sick leaves. The lack of guidelines and government-mandated staff-to-resident ratios since 2004 has put immense pressure on the healthcare system. Nonetheless, New Zealand is still one of the highest paying countries for caregivers. 

Average Salary: $29,491

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Sweden has a high-quality healthcare system with excellent social welfare benefits, and strong emphasis on work-life balance, which can attract caregivers from around that world. Besides, Sweden is one of the top paying countries for caregivers. 

Average Salary: $29,374

United Arab Emirates

To regard the role of caregivers, Dubai’s Community Development Authority (CDA) has introduced the “Respite Care” program that offers short breaks to caregivers of the elderly.

However, eligible caregivers must be Dubai citizens and first-degree relatives living in the same home. UAE is the highest paying country for caregivers in the Middle East.

Average Salary: $27,738 


France offers a promising career in caregiving with a strong healthcare system, a growing aging population, and demand for skilled caregivers.

Opportunities exist in different settings, from home care to healthcare facilities. France is one of the highest paying countries for caregivers.

Average Salary: $27,215


A new campaign by The Secret Little Agency (TSLA) for Singapore’s Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) aims to redefine caregiving by encouraging more people to recognize themselves as caregivers and seek help through a series of natural and authentic films and interviews. The campaign seeks to address the underrecognition of caregiving roles in society.

Average Salary: $27,028


Spain is often considered an excellent country for caregivers owing to its strong social support systems and affordable healthcare. Spain is one of the high paying countries for caregivers. 

Average Salary: $26,055

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