11 Jobs That Will Be Replaced by AI in Nigeria

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What if I told you that several jobs in Nigeria are at risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) soon?

There have been many programs initiated by the Federal Government of Nigeria to promote the advancement & implementation of artificial intelligence in the country. 

An example of one of the programs is 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT), which aims to teach technical skills to three million Nigerians, and over 1 million applicants for the 3MTT program will be made to undergo an introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) course.

This is generally happening worldwide, with advancements in technology and automation, many industries in the world are adopting AI-powered systems to increase efficiency and reduce costs. As a result, certain job roles will become obsolete, leading to significant changes in the job market. 

Keep reading to see 11 likely jobs that will be replaced by AI in the near future.

What is AI?

AI, or artificial intelligence, refers to the ability of machines to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as problem-solving, decision-making, and learning. AI is expected to automate and streamline certain tasks and roles, potentially leading to a decrease in the need for human workers in those areas.

Jobs That Will Be Replaced by AI in the Future

Here are the roles that will be replaced or reshaped by AI. It is expected that workers who will be affected will switch over to overseeing and fine-tuning AI, although some workers may have to upgrade their skills in order to guide it.

Data Entry Clerks

Data entry clerks manually process and organize vast amounts of invoices and forms. However, with the advent of AI, their traditional tasks are undergoing a profound transformation. AI now swiftly and accurately handles data entry tasks, surpassing human capabilities in speed and precision.


Telemarketers used to be the voice of marketing. They engage in persistent phone calls to connect with potential customers. Today, this is shifting as automated calls and chatbots enter the scene, gradually taking over the once-human domain of those familiar “Hello sir, how are you today?” conversations.


The role of cashiers involves human interaction and manual handling of transactions at checkout counters. Now, with the rise of self-checkout kiosks and the potential for robot baristas, AI is redefining the cashier’s role, automating tasks that were once exclusively human.

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Security Guards

Traditionally, security guards patrolled premises, relying on human intuition to detect anomalies. In the AI era, facial recognition and smart surveillance systems are transforming security measures, potentially minimizing the need for some human patrols.


Primarily, drivers hold the wheel, navigating roads and ensuring the safe transportation of people and goods. However, as autonomous vehicles emerge through the advent of AI, the role of human drivers is poised for significant change, with technology gradually assuming control.

Travel Agents

This is one of the likely jobs that will be replaced by AI. Travel agents were essential in planning and booking trips, providing personalized assistance to travelers. Today, the travel industry is witnessing a shift as AI assistance in online booking diminishes the indispensability of human travel agents.


Librarians generally guide patrons through physical collections, and aid in research and information retrieval. With the rise of AI-powered search engines and digital archives, the role of librarians is evolving, as technology takes on a more prominent role in providing information.


The role of bookkeepers involves meticulous management of financial records. However, as accounting software becomes more sophisticated, AI is automating basic bookkeeping tasks, challenging the traditional responsibilities of human bookkeepers.

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Loan Officers

Loan officers are primarily responsible for analyzing financial data to make informed decisions on loan approvals. With the advent of AI algorithms, there’s a shift towards automated loan decision-making, reshaping the landscape for human loan officers.

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Factory Workers

Factory workers also engage in repetitive tasks on assembly lines and quality control. AI is now transforming this landscape by automating these tasks, altering the role of human factory workers in the production process.

Customer Service Representatives

The customer service representatives navigate inquiries with a human touch. However, the emergence of AI chatbots alters this dynamic, automating routine customer interactions and leaving human representatives to address more complex and nuanced customer issues.

AI is here to stay, and we must accept and adapt to it. Personally, I believe there is nothing to fear.  Our best chance of moving forward is to understand and adapt to the new technology around us.

We must embrace lifelong learning, develop soft skills, be agile, and specialize in a particular area. By developing these skills and adapting to the changing job market, workers can thrive in the era of AI and take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

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