How to Kickstart Your Career With No Experience

Are you a graduate with no experience, and you are hoping to kickstart your career in an industry of your choice?

Building a career isn’t easy, especially for graduates. Life is in phases and this is another one for you. Truth be told, being a fresh graduate can be confusing as we don’t know what phase is next after this. This is why, if you want to succeed, you must act carefully and “grab the bull by the horns.”

In this article, we will share powerful tips on how to kickstart your career as a graduate, even without experience, to prepare you for your future.

Do you need to wait for the best moment to kickstart your career?

  • At the initial stages of one’s career, there is a lot of difficulty. Oftentimes, the workload is hectic, but the pay is little (though not always the case). The fulfilment and joy derived from contributing to a better reality keeps you going through the challenging times. 
  • There is always good news if you take action to shape your own destiny and develop a career in which you can excel and stay ahead of the curve. 
  • The best moment to work on yourself, gain the knowledge and motivation to stop being a bystander to the global issues and start taking action to address the social issue in your community that you have been longing to address, is now.

Tips on how to kickstart your career

Here are 9 powerful tips on how you to kickstart your career as a fresh graduate:

  • Get a professional CV and a Cover Letter
  • Create a LinkedIn profile
  • Find internships or volunteer jobs
  • Leverage on jobs websites and social media
  • Get additional skills
  • Network and find mentors (build connections)
  • Do not apply for every single job you see
  • Be flexible on opportunities (know what you want)
  • Understanding the job search process

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a carefully drafted cover letter is the best representation you can get before any recruiter makes a decision on whether to invite you for an interview or not. These have a significant role in how long you will have to wait for a chance. Make sure they are well-written and error-free.

Create a LinkedIn profile

With a LinkedIn profile, you may connect with various decision-makers at the organization you want to work for and increase your exposure to potential employers. Please don’t use selfies as your profile picture, and again, be sure to list any important internship or volunteer experience.

Find internships or volunteer jobs

As a fresh graduate, your objective is to learn as much as you can, and internships and voluntary work are the only places that can help you do that. Over time, you will be able to find more job opportunities, thanks to the experience you obtain via internships and voluntary work.

The purpose of internships is to study and obtain practical experience rather than to earn money. Whether you are waiting for NYSC or done with it, find internships or volunteer jobs to gain necessary experience and mentorship opportunities.

Unemployment Rate in Nigeria. Source: National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria
Unemployment Rate in Nigeria. Source: National Bureau of Statistics.

Leverage on jobs websites and social media

Technology has long changed the way career professionals search and find jobs. Simply search, update your CV and start applying for suitable jobs. Ensure you leverage jobs sites, social media and apps to provide filtered job notifications to job seekers.

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Get additional skills

The belief that a university degree is sufficient is something that we have noticed among recent grads from our interactions with graduates at career fairs and online. Dear recent graduate: While your university degree is great, it is not sufficient to launch your career because employers also look for additional skills. Research and acquire in-demand skills within your industry or career of choice and you would put yourself in a better position to enjoy a fulfilling career kickstart.

Network and find mentors (build connections)

Attend as many career fairs as you can, and regardless of whether you want to work for them or not, talk to the exhibitors who will be there. They will be able to give you valuable career guidance and pointers that you may absorb and use as needed. Find professionals and mentors to help you launch your career. As a recent graduate, a mentor may not always be a high-level career professional. If you have access to them, that is fine but if not, anyone with a job in your industry of choice, with 3-5 years can teach you and guide you on mistakes and things you can do to get ahead.

Do not apply for every single job you see

For recent graduates, this is a typical error. More opportunities must result from high visibility, right? Sadly, this is not the most effective strategy for landing your first graduate job. When employers or recruiters encounter the same profile again for different roles that have no relationship to the skill set they are seeking, it suggests that the applicant did not bother thoroughly screening through the roles and was instead just trying their luck. Not the best impression to give your potential employer. Instead, refine your CV to every role that you are applying for to keep it relevant.

Be flexible on opportunities (know what you want)

The benefit of recently graduating is that you have time to experiment. Be open to taking a contract job to pick up new knowledge and skill sets that will help you in the future. After you graduate, don’t be scared to apply for internships because doing so might help you network with the organization.

Understanding the job search process

Fresh grads rarely succeed in landing a job after submitting their initial application. According to polls, the proportion of recent graduates who secure a permanent full-time position within six months of graduation has decreased. Keep trying, be persistent, and frequently check employment websites, beware of fake jobs. As I previously indicated, you may also get assistance from a qualified recruitment consultant for suggestions on how to ace an interview or any other strategies to increase your chances of landing a new job.

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As a graduate, be sure to develop yourself even after your university degree. Your focus should be on developing the skills necessary for your proposed career choice, firm or business. You may encounter some failures and disappointments along the way, but by staying upbeat and making improvements along the way, you will only get stronger. 

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