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Nigerian man who spent 6 years searching for jobs, gets hired at Union Bank, becomes CEO after 4 years

A young Nigerian man named Faith Nwaobia, who spent 6 years searching for jobs and later got hired with Union bank, has grown to become CEO despite the rough start.

He had his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at University of Nigeria, he proceed to bag a Master’s degree in Administration and Planning at National Open University, and finally a Ph.D. degree in Economics at University of Canberra.

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Nwaobia noted that his journey is full of self-doubt and resilience because, after 4 years in the corporate world, he quit his bank job and started a new company

“I was called names that I made the greatest mistake to leave a good paying job, I sold my piece of land and my first car trying to pay off debts… Remember this is my path not a model for everyone”

Starting a new business required a lot of learning, so He applied for a volunteer role with LunchIn and later joined Marleq where he learned the skillsets needed to build a global brand under Milo before launching his company Youth Global in 2020.

He Stated that sometimes when he thinks of the things he lost or opportunities ignored trying to build the social enterprise, he felt down. But when he looks at the number of people his company supports today with various empowerment opportunities, then he believes impacting people’s lives is the best fulfillment.

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“I hope to inspire people who think it doesn’t make sense. it will make sense that
you are sacrificing and no one is seeing it no”

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