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10 People Give Shocking Reasons Why They quit their Job

A toxic boss has been classified as the highest reason employees quit the workplace, followed by a low salary. Employees should be respected at work and be able to perform their assigned tasks.

There’s a post on Twitter that asked people why they left their job, the post generated above 16 million views, and many people write why they left their workplace.

We decided to post 10 out of the post and give tips on toxic workplaces to avoid.

1. @Erostus explains how the employer lied to him about the job responsibilities. He was promised a promo job where he would only have to share drinks with customers.

However, when he showed up to work the next day, the employer told him that he had to drain a field of rainwater and set up speakers.

Tweet – “ 6-7 years ago, a friend helped me get a promo job. The guy said all we had to do was share drinks. We settled for 3,500, only for us to come back the next morning and oga said we should drain d field of rainwater and set speakers. I drank more than 12 bottles of these and left 😂”

2. In a shocking revelation, Lisa shared her experience of leaving her job due to sexual abuse in the workplace. Lisa endured months of harassment from her India boss that constantly sent explicit pictures of his private part and used threats of termination to scare her into compliance.

Tweet – “ My Indian boss won’t stop sending me pictures of his preeq saying he will fire me if I don’t say yes to him. it was very irritating cus it felt like I was looking at a kid’s preeq”

3. Harrison, a 25-year-old salesman, was a salesman hired by an Indian boss. However, one night, his boss called him and asked him to come to Cubana, a popular nightclub in Lagos. Harrison thought that his boss was going to treat him to a night out, but instead, he was told to stand at the gate of the club and talk to people about the company’s products. 

Tweet –Took a salesman job, two months in, my boss(Indian) called me one night to come to cubana, I thought it was my lucky day, I think say oga wan flex me, only for me to get there and he told me to stand at the gate and talk to people about our products”

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4. Because his boss is a huge Arsenal fan, he is always disturbed to support the team. On a faithful day, he told his boss that he would never support Arsenal and that London is blue.

Tweet – “My boss used to always stress me to support Arsenal bc he was a big fan but I’d respectfully say no. One day he comes raving about an Arsenal win and he’s so mad that I didn’t get to watch the game. So I stood up, told him London is Blue nigga, walked out and never returned.”

5. He wrote a proposal that won the company 500 million naira while still collecting 25k monthly salary.

Tweet – “My ex boss took 3 of my proposals to the governor, got funding of over N500m, diverted 400m to his pocket and lied that it wasn’t approved. 

Asked for more proposals…offering 25k salary.
Contractor snitched.

I resigned. 

Project failed.

He lost appointment for second term.” 

6. He made a decision to resign after their boss sent a greeting card to a colleague that’s collecting 30k monthly salary and had to pay 120,000 naira for his wife that gave birth through cesarean section (CS).

Tweet – “Colleague’s wife gave birth through CS. When I informed the boss, he said I should go buy a greeting card and send to him. This was a guy who was being paid 30k monthly needing 120k for CS. I resigned the next day after staying awake all night thinking about my future.”

7. He was disappointed that he was offered 25k salary increment, especially considering that he had been doing the job of two people after his direct boss that’s earning 250k resign for several months.

He tendered his resignation letter after he was informed that he would have to train a new employee who will earn 500k in a similar role he currently fulfills, when his own salary is still 85k.

Tweet – “My direct boss who I was assisting resigned and I was asked to cover for her till they got new persons. I was earning 60k while she was on 250k. When the new person came, he was to be paid 500k while I was given 25k increment. I was still supposed to put him through on the job.”

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8. After months of working, Wemi decided to leave her job after feeling unfulfilled, even thou the company was paying her a good salary with a bonus.

Tweet – “I didn’t find fulfillment in the job, pay was good but I had no zeal to do more than I was paid for. Monotonous routine and I was bored as hell. Didn’t seem like the right fit and I was barely happy to even engage with colleagues.”

9. He quit the job after spending one week working and still doesn’t know his salary or employment terms.

Tweet – “HR Called me on phone to resume on Monday, so i did and was hoping to be hand my offer letter but they didn’t. 1 week later and no letter, i didn’t know my salary or employment terms, i asked others why the letter is delaying and they laughed cos they hadn’t gotten theirs either.”

10. After the CEO told the recruit that the old staff are lazy and advised them not to talk with them, she was shocked to find out that the old staff had not been paid in three months.

Tweet – “I got a job in a school, and the teacher made we the new employee to see the old staff as cancer, the owner of the school told us to avoid those old lazy teachers, but, the day I spoke to one, I found out that they hadn’t received salary for 3 months.”

These 10 individuals quit their jobs for various reasons, from insufficient compensation and benefits to toxic work environments and lack of opportunities for advancement. 

A toxic work environment can manifest in various ways, and it’s important to be able to recognize the signs. By being aware of these red flags, you can better assess your current work situation and make informed decisions for your career. 

Here are 5 common signs that may indicate a toxic work environment:

5 Signs of Toxic Work Environment

1. Lack of Communication and transparency

Effective communication is essential for a healthy work environment. However, in a toxic workplace, communication is often lacking or ineffective.

There may be a lack of regular updates, important information being withheld, or a general atmosphere of secrecy. This lack of transparency can lead to confusion, misunderstandings, and feelings of being left out or undervalued.

2. High turnover rate/ Resign

One of the most obvious signs of a toxic work environment is a high turnover rate. If employees are constantly leaving the company, it’s a clear indication that something is wrong.

High turnover can be a result of various factors such as poor management, lack of work-life balance, or toxic company culture. When employees are constantly leaving, it creates instability and can lead to increased stress and workload for those who remain.

3. Bullying and harassment

A toxic work environment often includes bullying and harassment. This can take various forms, including verbal abuse, intimidation, exclusion, or offensive jokes.

Bullying and harassment create a hostile and unsafe work environment, and can severely affect an individual’s mental and emotional well-being. It’s important to address and report such behavior to ensure a safe and respectful workplace.

4. Lack of growth and development opportunities

A toxic work environment often lacks opportunities for growth and development.

When employees feel stagnant and see no room for advancement, it can lead to demotivation and a decline in job satisfaction.

Without clear career paths and opportunities for learning, employees may feel stuck and undervalued.

5. Excessive workload and burnout

A toxic work environment often comes with an excessive workload and unrealistic expectations. Employees may be constantly overwhelmed with tasks, leading to increased stress, burnout, and a decline in productivity.

When work-life balance is consistently compromised, it can have a significant impact on one’s mental and physical health.

Identifying the signs of a toxic work environment is essential for your overall well-being and career satisfaction.

By recognizing red flags such as high turnover rates, lack of communication, micromanagement, bullying, excessive workload, unfair treatment, and lack of growth opportunities, you can take proactive steps to protect yourself. 

Remember, your mental and physical health should always be a priority, and you deserve to work in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Don’t be afraid to seek support, communicate your concerns, set boundaries, and consider alternative options if necessary. It’s highly advised to prioritize your well-being and find a workplace where you can thrive.

Signs of Toxic Work Environment

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