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“Employees are quitting jobs in Nigeria to Japa” – Best period for you to get Hired

The wave of Nigerians leaving their jobs over the past few months shows no signs of slowing down. Huge numbers of staff are set to leave their jobs in August and September due to the mass resumption of foreign schools in September 2022 (This is according to findings by Nairalytic).

At first, resignations were being fueled by workers desiring promotions, higher pay, better benefits, and more fulfilling work. Still, with rising insecurities, staggering education sections, and naira devaluation, people are finding more reasons to leave their job for greener pastures in developed countries.

What are HR managers saying about this?

According to research conducted by nairametics with the head Human Resources Operator, the sales and marketing department recorded the highest number of resignations in the month of July, followed by employees in the core operations section of the business of top companies.

HR in oil and gas industry said four employees resigned from their organization in the month of July, all of which are traveling abroad either as a result of foreign offers or on education visas.

He said, “So my present industry is oil and gas, 4 employees have resigned in the month of July, while in my previous organization which is a manufacturing firm (I left 3 months ago) they have had 15 resignations this month and still counting.”

Another stated that “In the last one month of being here, I’ve done like 10 exit interviews and that’s within a particular 2 or 3 departments in the company,” Also, a company operating in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry revealed that 30 people resigned in July, many of which cited relocating abroad as their reason for resignation.

The number of resignations reported by the examined companies across different economic sectors varies. A manufacturing company processed 32 resignations in only one month, compared to some of them who had to handle 10, five, and twelve in July.

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What does this mean to Unemployed Graduates?

Nigerian companies have started reducing their requirement for job seekers to open room for many candidates to apply and filled the high job vacancies available.  

If you’re an unemployed graduate seeking employment, be more active in your job search efforts. You can search online for available jobs or reach out to companies with whom you’re interested in working.

Follow these 5 guideline to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job

1. Be selective about the job you apply for: 

By far the most important thing you can do in your job search is to carefully evaluate each job you’re applying for. When you find a posting you like, ask yourself if it’s a job you’re qualified for and actually want to do. (Also, review our 21 Job Search Mistakes You Should Avoid)

2. Start building an employable Resume:

The first thing needed to build your presence in the industry is to update your Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter. Evaluate your skills, experience, and your value to the Job.  (Read the 7 Common CV Mistakes that kill your Job Application)

Explore Job Opportunities

3. Make use of Linkedin as your strongest ally:

In today’s age, LinkedIn should be a top priority. Applying online for jobs and hoping for the best is just not enough.  Make a LinkedIn profile and keep it up-to-date with your latest career updates and socially connect with recruiters (Also, review How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile for Job Seekers)

4. Take time to prepare for the interview:

When you receive an official invite for an interview, you need to be well prepared. Take time and prepare for your interviews thoroughly. Nothing can take the place of arming yourself adequately with information about a company where you are applying for a job. ( Read the 9 Smartest questions to ask a recruiter at the end of an interview)

5. Get additional skills:

The belief that a university degree is sufficient is something that we have noticed among recent grads from our interactions with graduates at career fairs and online. Research and acquire in-demand skills within your industry or career of choice and you would put yourself in a better position to enjoy a fulfilling career kick start. (Read Here:Top 13 In-Demand Skills Companies are looking for in 2022)

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