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7 Reasons Coding Skills Are Important for Your Career Growth

Why choose a coding career? Ever wonder what is spectacular about this skill?

The basic knowledge of coding languages is becoming a fundamental digital literacy – and one which might not be as hard to learn as you think.

In the past few years in Nigeria, we have experienced a major technological change. We now rely on computer systems to drive our industry and allow us to trade with our global competitors. 

Not only that; our food, transport, currency, and even family are all now dependent on information technology. No wonder the demand for people to take on coding jobs has increased.

In this article, we have compiled a list of reasons coding skills are important for your career growth, and how to acquire the most lucrative coding skills for free.

What are Coding Skills?

The skills were defined as using a computer program to write instructions to a computer as opposed to using established applications. We may look at programming languages including JavaScript and HTML for building websites, statistical programs R and SAS, AutoCAD programs for engineers, and other all-purpose programming languages such as Java, Python, and C++.

The report used data drawn from 26 million U.S. online job postings collected in 2015 and other data from the BLS. It looks at the job market demand for coding skills in order to reveal the specific jobs and skills that employers are seeking. Recently, coding skills have allowed Nigerians with relevant coding skills to work (from home) remotely and earn in Dollars.

One major revelation: Half of all programming openings are in industries outside of technology. Among them:

  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care

As a result, coding has become a core skill that bolsters a candidate’s chances of commanding a high salary. Nearly half (49%) of all jobs that pay more than $58,000 require some coding skills, according to analysis.

Remember, your qualifications, skills, and career history might be the perfect fit for the role, but how you communicate give an accurate picture of the employee you could be to the recruiter.

Reasons Coding Skills are Important Job Skills of the Future

You may way want to consider a career in coding, but you need to understand your passion. Here are 7 reasons to convince you to start a career in coding:

  • Career prospects are enhanced by coding skills
  • IT expenditures are rising
  • Nigeria is experiencing rapid growth in E-commerce
  • There is a growing demand for coding jobs
  • It is more profitable to have coding skills
  • Cybersecurity has become increasingly important
  •  Developing your skills will lead to a career growth

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Learning to code is great for Nigeria but it is also great for you. Increased demand for coding skills has led to higher wages, decreased unemployment, and more exciting opportunities in this vibrant sector. Not only that but coding skills can really enhance your career prospects. Learning to code not only demonstrates your willingness to learn and interest in moving ahead, but it also makes your skillset really attractive to prospective employers. 

IT expenditures are rising

Nigerians and Nigerian businesses are investing heavily in ICT products and information technology services. Businesses and people alike are showing a desire to keep up with the latest developments. By the end of 2019, spending on code-driven products reached an estimated $93 billion, according to studies. One significant spending trend is our move towards cloud-based services for both business and home. This has taken over from spending on IT devices.

Nigeria is experiencing rapid growth in E-commerce

Between the 1st of January and to 30th of April 2022, over 7.4 million households shopped online, coming to a 5.5% year-on-year growth, according to Nigeria Post. Competition to gain and keep online customers is high. The services provided by those in coding job roles have become a key retail success factor. Customers have high expectations of their shopping experiences and require bargains, speed, and information to maintain brand loyalty.

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There is a growing demand for coding jobs

Programming is a growing occupation across Nigeria. For example, the job role of Software and Applications Programmers grew very strongly over the last five years and is expected to continue with the same positive trend as we move toward 2023. An impressive 16,000 new jobs a year are expected to open up in this job role alone, making coding a sought-after skill that is definitely worth learning.

It is more profitable to have coding skills

ICT jobs often attract high wages but coding skills can increase this earning potential even further. For example, ICT Support Technicians earn an average wage in Nigeria, whereas Software and Applications Programmers earn more than the average wage and can enjoy improved lifestyle benefits. As of current, Application Developers can earn up to $100,187 in Nigeria per year.

Cybersecurity has become increasingly important

Personal and business data is now a valuable commodity. Businesses can rise and fall in their data collection, manipulation, and responses. The Cyber Security – Nigerian Communications Commission has outlined that demand for cyber security jobs has risen, with businesses spending more on cyber security, leading to a 9% increase each year for the past four years.

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Developing your skills will lead to a career growth

As your coding skills develop, you’ll gain a clearer idea of where you’d like to specialize. This is an exciting and ever-changing world in which new opportunities will continue to arise. As your career progresses, you’ll be keen to add to your coding skills through further practical experience and programming courses.

Free Websites to Learn Coding Skills

As the world and the workforce continue to evolve rapidly, it is quite clear that we all need to develop alongside it, if we’re going to keep up with the changes.

Whether you are looking to advance your career, or you are a learning and development professional seeking to fill your company’s skill gaps.

These lists are a great start to skill up for the workforce;

UI/UX Designs:

Business Analysis:

Software Development:

Web Development:

Mobile App Development:

Certificate in Computer Science and Mobile Apps, available on edX

Digital Marketing:

SEO/SEM Marketing:

Data Analytics:

Video Production/Editing:

Graphic Design:

Learning to code positively affects all areas of your life and gives you a newfound sense of energy to really pursue the goals you want in life. A lot of people think that this positive impact is limited to improving your technical skills and ability to use a computer, but it’s so much more than that. It changes your whole life, from lifestyle to social life, to career.

Note that whether you’re a job seeker, or seeking a promotion at work, the information here about in-demand skills is essential for a successful career

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