9 Smarter Ways to Find a Job (Don’t just send a CV)

Have you been looking for ways to find a job and you’ve been unsuccessful?

Applying for jobs is about selling yourself to a potential employer. Why should they choose you over the rest of the applicants? Take a moment to think about how you can make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Sometimes, it can be helpful to take a step back and really think about your approach before bashing out the job applications.

Taking a different angle can give you a fresh boost of confidence if you’re feeling in a rut, and hopefully find you that job opportunity you’ve been searching for.

In this article, you will find tips on the best ways to find a job, along with tips on how to be successful in your job search.

Facts About The Nigerian Job Market

It is very important to know about the job market in your region. This will guide you in your job-search pursuit, and provide you with the exact methods you should use to become successful in your job search. Here are some of the facts about the Nigerian job market:

The first three months of the New Year are the perfect time to get a job easily: If there are times you should deploy yourself fully and go all out in search of a job in the Nigerian job market, these months are the best for you. 

The reason is simple; a lot of swaps have been done, and lots of firms are looking to replace staff that either left or resigned.

December is the best time to apply: While others are busy thinking of Xmas, you should be making those calls and reaching out to people. These people should be those that can give you a slot in a company ahead of the New Year. 

December is the best period for job applications in the Nigerian job market. Prepare a super CV, write the best cover letter, get the best connection you can get, and get going.

Ways to find a job

Degrees get you qualified for a job interview, Certification gives you the edge: Most of these I have learned the hard way. If you are ready to keep turning down job offers that don’t reach a certain salary level, then go get some certifications

At this stage it doesn’t matter if you have the money, just go get it. Just make sure they are in-demand skills.

Most Nigerian Human Resource Personnel are stereotyped: Aside from the super professional HRs in the Nigerian job market, the rest are always acting on a common script. The moment you know how to go over them, most of your interviews become so easy for you to ace.

CEOs are in search of who can deliver: Fortunately, this doesn’t only apply to the Nigerian job market. No CEO hires you because you look good or tall (except you are his son). You are hired because he needs something for the benefit of his organization.

Only the smartest can benefit from the Nigerian job market: There are people who have moved from 30k to 250k within the space of 2 years in this job market. Our greatest undoing is to assume there are no jobs, and we become confined to the slavery of all sorts. 

Open your minds to possibilities, think big, meet people, and build connections, then you will know that there is a job for special people in this country.

Best Ways to Find a Job in Nigeria

To get you started on your whole new, smarter approach to job hunting, here are 10 tips that you may never have thought of when attempting to ace a job application:

  • Attend career fairs
  • Visit career websites (like Jobs Region)
  • Check company websites
  • Look for jobs on social media
  • Apply through recruitment agencies
  • Ask family and friends
  • Attempt a walk-in interview
  • Start an internship
  • Start your own business

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Career fairs are an excellent way to learn more about a firm and demonstrate your interest in working there. These events connect potential job seekers with representatives from a variety of companies. Most companies often host career fairs in their branches of headquarters. If you’re a job seeker, you can check the company’s website to see the next one you can attend.

You can benefit more from a career fair if you go prepared with relevant questions. After checking to see which companies are attending, you can select those you would like to work at the most. Then you can meet the representatives of those companies to learn more about open positions. These fairs are also a great opportunity to network and connect with people.

Visit career websites

Online job boards and career websites abound, and they frequently update new listings. The majority of them let you use them without having to register or create a profile. On some of these websites, you may also choose to sign up for newsletter alerts on fresh job openings in a particular industry or position. To get the most out of these platforms, you need to check them regularly and open the newsletters to see new opportunities.

Check company websites

If you want to learn about new positions that are available, you can also search companies’ websites directly. The ‘careers’ section of the website is often where the job listings are located. To stay informed about job openings, you can compile a list of the organizations in which you are interested and then frequently visit their websites. Additionally, you might be able to register on the website to get these updates sent right to your email.

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Look for jobs on social media platforms

Social media is a great place to look for jobs. This is because so many companies have an active presence across a variety of social media platforms. You can follow companies you’re interested in to keep up to date with their news. Sometimes when they have openings, they may post about it too.

To be successful in searching for jobs through social media, you might want to consider how you present yourself on it. It’s wise to maintain a professional appearance, especially if you plan on contacting companies using your personal profile, especially on LinkedIn.

Apply through recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies serve as a liaison between job seekers and companies. They can be expected to always be up to date with companies that are hiring and the roles they’re looking to fill. You can approach such agencies to pitch you as a suitable candidate for these companies. There are different recruitment agencies you can work with when looking for a job. You want to do your research to find the best one for your field.

Explore More Helpful Career Tips

Ask family and friends

It’s also possible to leverage your relationships in your search for a job. Telling friends or family members that you’re looking for a new position. You can also get them involved in your search. They may know about friends or work colleagues who are looking for a new hire.

A good way to go about leveraging your network of family and friends is by first identifying those who work in an area you like or already have experience in doing. They could make referrals for you if there are available positions in their companies.

Attempt a walk-in Interview

A walk-in interview is like an informal meet-and-greet session that is arranged by companies for interviewing a bunch of people in a short time. Unlike scheduled interviews, you don’t need to take up a formal appointment.

Companies generally have walk-in interviews when they are planning to recruit a number of people at the same time, or at career fairs. As a job seeker, compile a list of companies that interest you, and during periods when you think they are recruiting, go along with your credentials for a walk-in interview.

Start an internship

Internships can be a good way to get jobs. Sometimes, at the end of an internship, you may be offered full-time employment. Usually, this is rewarded to people who excel during the internship. Although, even if an internship doesn’t end in an employment offer, you can still gain experience and learn new skills. These are likely to increase your chances of getting a job in another company.

Start your own business

You can start your own business as a way to keep yourself busy until your application is successful. It’s also possible that you have considered being a full-time entrepreneur because of a market gap you cannot ignore. Either way, starting your own business is a good idea and looks great on a CV.

If you’re wondering how to start, you may want to take a moment to discover which market you’d like to explore. Then you can begin to do your research to find out how much it would cost you and if it’s a feasible business option.

At times, job searching can feel insurmountable. Continue searching and applying for roles even when you’re waiting to hear back from other applications. Think of your working hours starting now, not when you actually start paid work.

You may also need to learn how to avoid fake interview invitations as well as what to do after an interview in order to increase your chance of standing out. Check out job opportunities from across the country, as well as job-search tips to assist in your endeavors.

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