9 Top Websites for Online Teaching Jobs in 2023

Are you looking forward to taking online tutoring and start earning money?  Whether you’re an experienced tutor or just starting out, there’s an online teaching job out there that’s a fit for your expertise. 

But before you go for online tutoring, you must ensure you have the required qualification to teach, a computer/phone with a very fast and reliable internet connection, and of course a stable power source.

Online tutoring is one of the best part-time jobs for individuals who want to earn extra income, have a flexible schedule, and work from home.

Here are the legitimate tutoring sites where teachers can get online tutoring jobs where students need help with English, Math, science, and most professional exams like TOEFL.

1. Vipkid

For mostly Chinese children, VIPKid offers an international elementary education. It is open to international teachers. You must hold a bachelor’s degree to be eligible to work as a teacher at VipKid. Chinese or any other language proficiency is not necessary for VIPKid’s instruction because it is all done in English.

Additionally, you must submit a complete résumé, which will determine whether you are eligible for an interview. After the mock courses, you will also need to upload all of your documentation and agree to the conditions of the contract.

You can earn between $14 and $22 per hour, depending on performance, and you’ll get paid between the 10th and 15th of each month via direct bank deposit.

Visit Website: www.vipkid.com/teach

2. Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors, formerly known as InstaEDU, is one of the best online tutoring services. Chegg Tutor offers all subject which is an excellent choice for all online tutors. The target students are middle school, high school, college students, and professionals.

If you have the needed experience, you can easily join the website. Moreover, it offers jobs to college and university students as long as you can provide proof that you’re currently studying for a 4-year certificate.

You can apply from anywhere in the world as all nationalities are welcomed, as long as you have the needed knowledge to offer online tutoring. You will be recruited right away to help struggling kids with their schoolwork if you can produce documentation of your present or previous education in addition to your grade point average.

Once you sign up, the website will start assigning students to you. As you work more, you’ll be able to improve your score and build your reputation. This means that you’ll get more online opportunities.

The pay rate is $20 per hour, and you’ll receive your money every week via PayPal. The more specific your academic discipline is, the more money you’re likely to make.

Visit website: chegg.com

3. Tutor ABC

TutorABC only accepts applicants with a bachelor’s degree or higher, and a TESOL/TEFL certification (or equivalent).  You’ll also need a headset w/ mic (recommended by Amazon) and a webcam.

You’ll have to take a proficiency test, provide your qualifications, and then take a video demonstrating your teaching skills. The application process takes about an hour. 

Schedules are flexible and can be personalized, and pay is based on experience and qualifications. Bonuses can also be given based on the number of students in a class and the ratings given by the students.

Visit Website: www.tutorabc.com

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4. Skooli

Skooli site accepts tutors for all subjects and grade levels. To apply as a tutor on Skooli, you need to at least have a bachelor’s degree and a state or provincial teaching certification.

If you meet the requirements and submit an application, Skooli will contact you within a few days for a screening session. If you pass it your account will be activated and you’ll be able to start tutoring!

As a Skooli tutor, you’ll be able to work whenever you’re available for a fee of $25/hour. You can tutor on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Visit website: www.skooli.com

5. Cambly:

Cambly is a cool program that allows anyone to connect with native English speakers so they can practice English conversation.

The best thing about it is that no experience is required, you just have to be a native English speaker.  Here, you can become a teacher for kids or/and adults by helping them with homework or chatting casually.

While opening an account on this platform, you need to provide a greeting video and a three to five minutes long demo video highlighting your teaching style for the guardians. As a Cambly tutor, you can choose your available hours to teach people from more than 100 countries for a fee of $10.20/hour.

Visit website: www.cambly.com

6.  Qkids

QKids is one of the largest online English tutoring sites around! As a QKids tutor, you’ll be teaching English to Chinese students ranging from ages 4-12.

Each lesson you teach will be 30 minutes long, and you’ll be teaching 1-4 students at a time. QKids tries to match you up with the same students for each lesson.

Qkids teachers are required to commit to a minimum of 6 hours per week. The pay for a QKids tutor is $20/hour. There are also bonuses available which allow you to earn even more.

Visit website: www.teacher.qkids.com


7. TutorMe

TutorMe is another great online platform that connects struggling students with the appropriate person who can offer academic assistance. Signing up is extremely easy and is suitable for beginners and first-timers.

Start your application and write down information about yourself and your education. You should select among the subjects from the list of option., which include computer science, engineering, foreign language, history, humanities, math, science, social sciences, and test prep. After that, the platform will then start linking you with students who are looking for tutoring for their homework, essays, assignments, and lectures.

The working hours are extremely flexible as you get to set your own schedule. You’ll receive a beginning salary of $16 per hour, paid every week via PayPal. The hour is calculated based on the number of minutes spent with each student, as long as it exceeds 5 minutes.

Visit website: tutorme.com

8. AmazingTalker

AmazingTalker is an international online learning platform founded in 2016 with over 76,000+ active students and 1,000+ teachers from different countries.  The company allows tutors to provide tutorials in 50+ languages, with English being the most in-demand. 

Students are free to search for their teachers with their specific requirements or lesson types. You can earn between $21.96 and $120 per hour; depending on performance.

Visit Website: en.amazingtalker.com

9. StudyGate

StudyGate is another great online platform that accepts tutors to teach math, science, business, humanities, and programming.

Students shares what they’re having problems understanding on the website. Tutors will then place bids to assist the student. The student can then review your profile and decide which tutor they believe will be most helpful to them.

If you want a side career that is extremely flexible, you can do this job while in college. It is totally up to you how much time you spend tutoring on StudyGate. Even still, StudyGate claims that some of its tutors make up to $13,000 per month working part-time.

Visit Website: www.studygate.com

You can have a successful career without ever leaving your home if you use online teaching as a side employment. It’s never been simpler to make a second income from home! Why are you holding out?

Register as an online tutor and start teaching today!

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