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A Kirinyaga woman files a trespassing lawsuit against her 97-year-old mother.

A woman, Mary Nguru, has filed a lawsuit against her sick 97-year-old mother,Sabena Warimu, for breaking into the business structure of the Baricho market in Kirinyaga Country, a county in the former Central Province of Kenya.

On Wednesday, relatives and a curious public flocked to the Baricho courthouse in Ndia constituency to watch Ms Sabena Wairimu’s legal struggle with Ms Mary Nguru, with orderlies struggling to keep the crowd under control.

Ms Nguru wants the court to prevent her wheelchair-bound mother from trespassing on the property or bothering her renters.

In her affidavit, Ms. Nguru asserted that she was the rightful owner of the property in dispute and that she had promptly paid the electricity and water bills to the relevant offices.

She also said she had paid the Kirinyaga County Government the necessary fees.

Ms. Wairimu, who is sued along with her six other children, has been in court on the case since the civil suit was filed in 2015.

According to court documents, Ms. Nguru claimed that her mother and co-accused trespassed on the property without her permission and incited her tenants to quit paying her rent since she was not the real owner.

Some of the tenants were also apparently served with eviction papers, and some of the closed toilet doors were allegedly broken.

“I stand to suffer irreparable loss and damages if the defendants are not hereby restricted,” Ms Nguru said in her affidavit.

“I wish to reiterate that the suit property does not belong to the plaintiff and falls within the estate of my deceased husband, which estate is subject to the process of succession,” Ms Wairimu said.

Irene Wanjiru, an attorney, represented Ms Wairimu.

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As reported by Nation Africa, Nguru said she is the actual owner of the property in dispute and has paid the energy and water bills on time to the relevant authorities.

When the matter came up for hearing on Wednesday, Ms Nguru’s counsel requested that it be deferred so that it might be consolidated with another case in Kerugoya which was allowed by Senior Principal Magistrate David Ireri.

On the 11th of May, the matter will be discussed.

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