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“Am I not good to be loved?” – Pretty lady in tears after discovering that her man is already married, seeks advice

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A Nigerian lady identified as Precious is seeking advice from internet users after finding out that her boyfriend of over two months is married.

Taking to Facebook page, Precious expressed her frustration and disappointment at the situation and asked why some men are liars. According to her post, the man lied that he wanted to get married to her, but failed to disclose that he was already married.

When he finally revealed the truth, Precious said she was mad and did not know what to do. She noted that this was not the first time she had been in this kind of situation, as two guys had done the same thing to her in the past.

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Precious vented her frustration via her Facebook account and asked for advice on what to do. In her words: “I want to ask something why is it that some men are liars. someone I have been dating for over two months now and he was saying that he wants to get married to me and I said no prob.”

“Then yesterday he said that babe I want to tell you something is because I love you that why I need to tell you that I am married I was so mad I don’t know what to do again about this thing two guys have done same thing to me I am not good to be loved please someone should tell me what to do.” See the post below:


Precious finds out that her man is already married

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The post has drawn a lot of reactions from netizens, with many expressing sympathy for Precious and condemning the man’s behaviour. Some reactions are shown below:

Achie Ver said, “You just have to give yourself some time to heal before getting into another relationship.”

Itz Kay Kay said, “So sorry dear by God’s grace ur own man will locate u without too much stress, just be prayerful.”

Damilola Adeolajide said, “Let me tell you something some of you girls or ladies don’t know. You see we carry different spirit (mind) and/or aura when we are walking, or where we are walking. These spirit or mindset is seen in how we relate to people or act (online or offline), how we dress and the kind of vibe we give or show. These things determines ATIMES the kind of people that gets attracted to you by default. For instance, some guys there’s just a way by default that their mind has just been conditioned mentally that when they see a girl where her butocks is just shoot out or br***st is big the first thing that comes to their head is just “haaa. I like this girl, I must have her”. Now note: Dressing or no dressing some guys will still follow to lie.”

Olanrewaju Sheriff Ololade said, “It sounds like you have had a really difficult experience and it’s understandable that you are feeling hurt and confused. It is important to remember that this is not your fault and that you are not to blame for what has happened. The best thing to do is to take some time to process your feelings and to focus on taking care of yourself. You can reach out to a trusted friend or family member for support and to talk through your feelings. It is also important to remember that this experience does not define you and that you deserve to be treated with respect and honesty.”

Hassan Sabo Nuhu said, “Don’t allow anyone here to deceive you of loving you, the are move by pity which is very wrong, sister be prayerful, God will prevail over your matter.”

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