Aside money, what other value do you have in relationship? – Lady questions men, many react (Video)

A Nigerian lady has thrown some intriguing questions to men as she asked what other value they have in their relationship.

Sharing on the video-sharing platform, the young lady disclosed that it is so annoying for men to call women gold digger.

According to her, the only value men add in their relationship is money, claimed that ladies are just looking for men that will take them out of poverty. 

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In her words; “It’s so annoying to see that every time we come online, men always have one or two this to say about ladies. women are not gold digger.”

“They are looking for relationship to bring them out of poverty, or a man that is richer than their daddy or brother.”

So my questions to you as a man, do you or do you not place your values on money, aside money, what other values do you have? so why am I to date you if not for money?

“cos thats the only thing you add to yourself if you do not rate yourself when you are broke why should I rate you??

Watch the video below:

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The video triggered massive reactions as many shared their controversial thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

R said, “Me seeing this after a guy broke up with me because he doesn’t have money to spoil me… it’s so true men place their value on money I’m a living test”.

GRAMMYBOY🏆🥇 said, “Lol all this girls 😂 trying prove nonsense any way😏”.

Damyfret_editzstudio said, “How about reassurance, protection, masculine energy,  physical touch??”

Ayeyemi419 said, “men in the comment section,y’all should just change that mentality,stop it that’s rude,Queen i get your point,greedy men won’t see that”.

user917369971289 said, “if he’s broke he’s not a man ASHAWO bore hole well”.

jerry_boi12 said, “Omo and some people would listen to this and believe this ..why do you say stuff like this and just feel like you saying the right thing”.

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