“Bad parenting” – Son loses cool after his parents got him angry at shopping mall, breaks TV & others (Video)

A video of a young boy losing his cool after his parents got him angry at shopping mall, Shoprite, got many talking online.

In the video surfacing online, the son landed heavily on the table where many brands of television were displayed (TV).

The video showed people surrounding the boy as he breaks TVs aggressively. His parents could be heard begging him to come down.

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It appeared that the coverage was taken by a man who could also be heard putting blames on the boy’s parents for enduring such attitude of their son.

The video generated massive reactions as many blamed the situation as ‘bad parenting’. They thronged to comment section to share their thoughts.

Watch the video below:

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Some reactions are shown below:

@Elnukstudio said, “When Nigerians dey angry during end sarz na so we dey destroy BRT buses wey no be our own. Why the sudden switch that the boy is wrong.”

@ajuba101 said, “Spare the rod, and you’ll spoil the child. When your kids do wrong, discipline them. Later you can pet them. Those he loves; he rebukes them, and chastens them. Unless you don’t love your child: if you love your kids you want them to be the best behaved ones. No matter what.”

@SustainerM said, “If my papa catch this one .low battery shuut down nah double tap only he go give am”.

@i_am_eyitayo said, “The rod and reproof impart wisdom, But a child left unrestrained brings SHAME on his mother.” – Proverbs 29:15”.

@dejyne said, “You just have to love rich man’s kids.They just destroy anything in sight whenever they get angry. Bravo! I have no sympathy for his parents.The kind of parents that beats school teachers for correcting their kids at school. They indulge their kids and instead of discipline them. Hypocrites!☹️”.

@Cosmosodinaka said, “Raising kids in the west is horrible. If my pickin behave like this, I don’t mind spending my life saves jus to fly him and i back to Nigeria without his mom. When I’m through with him, I will go to orthopaedic hospital to treat my hands”.

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