Checkout the emotional moment groom cried profusely like baby while his wife walked down the aisle on wedding day (Video)

A video making the rounds  online has captured moment a black man cried profusely while his wife-to-be walked down that aisle.

 Wedding ceremony is the most awaited and exciting moment by every partner in the world who chooses to enter into a married life.

In general, Ladies are known to cry on their weddings for some reasons which are basically fear of what life will be being a married woman with some responsibilities that come with it.


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In contrast, the bridegroom was spotted crying bitterly as he stood in front of crowds while his bride who was accompanied with her dad walked towards him.

Looking at the event, the bride got emotional as she watched her man weeping bitterly.

The video, which was shared on the microblogging platform, Twitter, triggered massive reactions from Internet users.

Some got emotional which viewing the clip while most blamed the man for crying on his wedding day.

Watch the video below:

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Some reactions are shown below:

@levijames22 said, “Ain’t no way I’m crying like a lil b!tch on my wedding bro😂”.

@DBiggsRR said, “Boy been smashing seeing her for years why he crying? Because money gone !”.

@Clar_olufemii said, “This is so cringe to watch… No way blud thinks this is cute … Can’t even watch the full video”.

@kayadille said, “Men aren’t men anymore bro. She’s gonna see this as weakness or a sign that he loves her more. Once that happens she’ll know she’s got control of him.”

@ya__yusuf said, “person wey go still lodge babe”.

@_justAbria said, “If my husband isn’t crying, I’m walking back until he is!! 🤧”.

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