“Creativity at its peak” – Talented student turns pure water sachets into umbrella and rain coat (Photos)

A talented student from Sunyani Technical University in Ghana has turned discarded pure water sachets into umbrellas and raincoats.

As it is already known that Africa has a waste plastic pollution problem, but some creatives are helping to turn them into usable products to solve the rising menace. 

Joining the leagues, the student produces raincoat, umbrella and other colorful items as some photos emerge.

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The work of the talented student garnered massive attention after social media user Set Wilson posted the images to the popular Facebook group, Tell It All. 

The images showed a little girl and a man modelling the umbrella and raincoat. The pair were photographed strutting a runway confidently as they showcased the beautiful pieces. 

Sharing the mind-intriguing images on Facebook, Set Wilson captioned them, “This is what the government should be supporting. A student from Sunyani Technical University made this. [The] university setting new trends and saving the planet simultaneously,” he said.

Posting the image on Friday, May 26, 2023, the group members have lauded the student’s work. Like Wilson, some people urged the government to find and support the student.

See the post below: 

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Some reactions are shown below:

Albert Odogwu Cudjoe said, “Samuel Kwaku Amoabeng, if I talk now eeeh you will start saying Arsenal is useless. So I won’t talk. But please, what help does he want from the government? Abeg only this one.”

Eva Ashitey said, “So nice.”

Niinye Akoshia Afoley Ashong said, “I love this.”

Kumado Augustine Kwabla said, The home task helper is here. You can dm or WhatsApp, or call the numbers on the flyer.”

Nana Agyei Kissi Sikapa Jr said, “Even you the poster won’t buy it da.”

Afi M Enyonam said, “They didn’t use already used sachet rubbers. Besides, how sustainable will this be? How many people will buy this and wear it? The government should ban the use of plastics. That’s the only solution.”

Gloria Okyere said, “This should come to the market. Keep Ghana clean. At least some parts of our country and streets will be dirt-free.”

Ruth said, “Awesome.”

Boateng David Williams said, “It makes sense paaa.”

Dimmie Razak said, “Wow, that’s a raincoat; killing two birds with one stone. Making the environment clean and also coming out with a product.”

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