Drama as man loses manhood after pet dog bites it off

A 66-year-old German man has allegedly lost his manhood after his pet dog went out of control and bit it off.

The devastating news was reported to the police by a neighbor who claimed to hear constant barking of the dog from the man’s residence at 2 a.m on Tuesday, February 27.

When first responders arrived at the property in Herne, northwestern Germany, they heard painful groans emanating from inside.

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Reacting swiftly, they forcibly entered the premises and discovered a 66-year-old man accompanied by his dog. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the police promptly arranged for the man to be transported to the hospital as his life was deemed to be in danger.

According to the German tabloid Bild, neither the man’s manhood nor any potential evidence have been recovered from the scene thus far.


Additionally, the victim’s health issues have hindered his ability to provide information. Authorities are currently considering the likelihood that the injuries were inflicted by the man’s dog.

First Police Chief Inspector Frank Lemanis informed reporters that upon arrival at the hospital, the man was placed in an induced coma. He stated, “One plausible scenario is that the dog, approximately the size of a Jack Russell terrier, may have bitten off and ingested the genitalia, resulting in the wound.

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