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Thursday, September 21, 2023

“Even policemen couldn’t do anything” – Nigerian man reveals how area boys demand N100k to recover misplaced phone, story trends

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A young man has shared his worse experience with some area boys and the Nigerian police force.

The man took to his X platform, @Kaybest, and he revealed that he was demanded to pay N100,000 for his lost phone recovery. 

According to him, his phone fell down at Iwo road, a place in Ibadan and it got retrieved by a kind woman. However, some area boys attacked her as they hijacked the phone from her.

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They put a call through to him so as to get his phone. After reaching there, the boys demanded for N100k to get his misplaced phone. 

The man negotiated with the ring leader as he proposed to pay N50k instead and they agreed on a condition that he pays N20k to the woman, who got attacked by them.


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However, some armed policemen appeared at the scene to settle the case but they seemed handicapped after seeing the phone with the area boys.

@Kaybest got surprised after the policemen asked how much he was willing to pay the area boys. He had to pay N40,000 to get his lost phone.

The post reads, “Nigeria happened to me today. My phone fell at Iwo road. Fortunately, someone picked it up for me. When I called, she responded with a shaky voice telling me to come to her exact location in Iwo road. When I got there, a crowd had gathered with the woman being held hostage”.

“I couldn’t tell if her deformed eye was a condition she was living with before, or a disability metted out by the rough handling by the area boys. Perhaps, she had stolen the phone from me? But I wasn’t interested in dicephering the cause of the hullabaloo. Where’s my phone?”

“A light skinned man with shabby beard, whom the area boys called “leader” signaled for me to come to him. Talking to him, I confirmed it was my phone. I was happy as I thought the nice gentleman and his colleagues had apprehended the thief and were about to give me my phone.”

“That thought left my soul when he asked me to pay 100k to collect the phone. 100k? In this economy? Lol It was then I started to figure out what the hullabaloo was about.”

“Apparently, the woman had picked up the phone for for me. When some area boys saw this, they beat the shit out of her, collected the phone from her and held it for a hefty ransom.”

“I negotiated with the leader of the increasing army of area boys for almost an hour, and ultimately said I’ll pay 50k total as the crowd was getting overwhelming and I’ll rather leave with my eyes and life intact. I thought this will be enough to settle everyone concerned.”

“But after agreeing, they said I’ll have to pay additional 20k for the woman. Fuck you, I said, in my mind, obviously. At that point, I just opted to leave the place, do what you want. Probably, I’ll go to the police and they’ll recover it.”

“Fortunately, the husband of the woman with the deformed eye had called the police. As I was leaving, I bumped into them with their camouflage uniform and heavy rifles. I heaped a sigh of relief. Now, I can finally collect my phone from the area boys, settle the woman who found it and leave the place. Okay, Nigerian Police with Ak47, collect my phone from the leader of the area boys. My first surprise came when the police asked how much I’m willing to give them after explaining the situation. You mean you can’t just collect my phone from these people?”

“Now, with the confidence of men carrying rifles, I said I’ll give them 20k. The leader laughed saying he’ll only collect 100k, as he has to settle his boys.”

“Lol is this guy insane? Can’t he see the rifle? How can you increase the price when the police is here already? I was ready to hear an echoing slap from one of the policemen, but I heard something more flabbergasting. Plea. The policeman started to beg the area boys.”

“At that moment, I knew Nigeria, in conjunction with the area boys and the useless armed policemen had failed the woman with the deformed eye and me. In the end, the area boys, in the presence of armed policemen collected 40,000.”

“Even the DPO said they couldn’t have done anything different. I have concluded after this incident that I, with my eyes still intact, will leave this country at any opportunity. To people that will stay, I will offer my support and share my vision in a land far away from here.”

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