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Fuel attendant dies in a car accident while trying to chase a customer who bought fuel without paying (Video)

A fuel attendant has sadly died in a tragic car accident while trying to stop a customer from absconding with petrol money.

The devastating story was shared on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, by a user, @alamin_ghost, and it generated massive reactions.

According the story, a man apparently bought fuel worth N3000 and refused to pay as he absconded

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However, the fuel attendance chased after the man to retrieve the money only for him to reach his early grave.

The reckless driver rammed into another car while running from the petrol station where he bought N3000 fuel and refused to pay.

The story reads, “A driver bought fuel of 3k yesterday night and zoomed off at high speed without paying, he later lost control and rammed into other cars resulting to the death of someone sadly. Allah ya jikan shi”.

Watch the video below:

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Social media has expressed their sadness as they took to the comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

@KabeerZayyan said, “The seller climbed on top of the bonnet and tried to snatch the steer wheel away from the driver resulting to the accident. You can sight the man hanging out in the first few seconds of the video. PS: he lost his life while the driver survived.”

@gtex50 said, “Bcos of 3k, that reminds me of similar incident back in Maiduguri, the guy zoomed off after collecting fuel but the dealer held on to the steering. The result was the driver had an accident an d died. Don’t risk ur life cos of petty things”.

@CitizenS82 said, “People saying it’s just 3k….his profit is probably not even up to 500 naira because he purchased that fuel from somewhere,took transport to and fro.This is the reality of a lot of Nigerians.500 naira means the world to them.”

@ameerio said, “Passed by this last night along Jabi road. The moment I saw the car I knew there was a fatality. Some accidents in Abuja you can’t even begin to imagine how they went down if you didn’t witness them first-hand. Once saw a car facing up on a street light.”

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