“How many years will she carry it” – Lady sits for 2 days to make hair in salon, braids results sparks reactions (Video)

A young beautiful lady has stirred massive reactions online after she shared a video showing the hair she made for 2 days in a salon.

At the beginning of the video, the lady asked people to guess how long it really took her to get the hair done.

Starting at 10am, the lady was only able to stand up to have a lunch break before continuing. 

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When it was 7:35pm, the lady went home and came back to the salon the second day at 9:39am. She stayed many hours until the braids were done in the evening around 9:08pm.

Many social media users were wowed that she was patient enough to stay for so long for a hairdo. 

Some disclosed that they will rather cut off their hairs than making it for 2 days.

Watch the video below:


now let the hair content begin 🫶🏾

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Some reactions are shown below:

@The AfroGirl Channel said, “Eeeiii 😂😂😂 you have patience. Wow”.

@Pretty Nahima ❤️🌹 said, “Me thinking of how they will charge you”.

@🌸 ~ B e l l x ~🌸 said, “Why is no one talking bout the lunch breaks. Them foods looked so good”.

@🇸🇱💎 🇳🇬🏆 🇬🇭🏅 said, “Now who go take am out for you ??”

@annauganda said, “no am not sitting for 2 days to get my hair done”.

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