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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

“How old is she?” – Video of plus-size baby girl with big body and fine face goes viral online (Watch)

A beautiful plus-size baby girl has gone viral on internet after her video emerged on social media platforms.

A lovely video shared on TikTok by user, @hleeeeeeeeee, showed that the chubby little girl has a happy and jovial disposition.

In the short video, the little girl was seen inside a living room as she walked towards an adult with speed as if she was eager to see the person.

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As the adult hailed her, she smiled in a jovial and happy way and increased her walking pace. The little girl is very beautiful, and despite her chubby size, she carries her body very easily and admirably.

Many who have come across the video are stunned by the girl’s beauty and her ability to walk very fast. Some are even asking how old she is, but her age is not revealed in the video.

Watch the video below:

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Some reactions are shown below:

@shebraka abandon said, “Beautiful baby.”

@Athena Dean said, “She is gorgeous! No matter what other people say. She is a baby and she is beautiful, smiling and walking. Go girl.”

@Tommy Kennedy920 said, “How old is the baby?”

@fafa’s32 said, “When did she start walking? Mine is 12 months now and she is chubby as yours too and she hasn’t started walking.” 

@harvests said, “Wild how people are talking about portion control and making uninformed conclusions for a baby. Mummy, your baby is gorgeous.”

@The first one said, “I was like that, and I walked at age 5.” 

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