“I felt like am childless” – Man laments as wife gives birth to Albino kids, impregnates house maid, shares story

A 42-year-old Nigerian man has taken to social media as he opened up on startling revelation regarding his family matter.

According to his account,  his wife gave birth to two albino children, which is becoming terrifying to him.

Taking to his timeline, the man revealed that he sees himself as a childless person, stating that he did not consider his kids as human beings.

It is worth noting that Albinism is a group of genetic conditions marked by little or none of the pigment melanin in the skin, hair, and/or eyes.

According to him, he is not the problem surrounding the birth of albino children since none of his family has any history of it.

He, however, revealed that he is on the verge of loosing his 6 years marriage with his wife as he impregnated their house maid.

The man, who is in a state of Dilemna, solicited for help as he stated that his wife will find it hard to forgive and move on.

He wrote, “My wife only gives birth to albino children & truth is, am tired, I feel like am childless.. Am 42yrs old, it’s been 6yrs of marriage with 2 Kids that I’m not proud of, a boy & a girl age 3 as 2 respectively which are all albinos”

“When my wife got pregnant 5months after our wedding, I was really excited but was so disappointed when she gave birth to an albino boy that i even refused settling the hospital bills but after so much pleading consolations & encouraging messages from family & friends. I forgave her & decided to go through the situation, Again second pregnancy came nothing change she brought out another albino to add to the one she already has at home, as I speak with you now I’m not even proud of myself as a man.”

“I so feel like am childless, truth is, she’s no different from a barren woman, sometimes I feel shy to attend meetings in my community, I feel people laugh at me behind my back”

“I’m very sure the problem is not from me because. My parents gave birth to 3 of us, non ever turned out to be an albino. My siblings all have children & still non of their kids is an albino either. Obviously, that explains am very much ok but I’ve completely lost interest being with my wife, gradually found myself having an affair with my house maid, which is not exactly my fault, everyman in my shoes will do thesame. The good news is she’s carrying my baby.”

“Am really excited am going to have a normal child for the first time of my life, I’ve paid her bride price & she’s going to be my wife, at least i have a real woman now who’s capable of making normal babies, my mom is very much in support & happy about this development.”

“We all have been craving for a moment like this, so i dont in any way regret my actions but then I don’t know how to deliver this news to my lovely wife she is a good woman & I love her so much I don’t want to hert her considering the fact that she also has HBP. Pls kindly advice me on this issue, how do I go about this pls”.

Man laments

Social media users shared their thoughts as they took to comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

mary_ozioma_ozzy said, “😢Did you know what a woman passes true to bring out another human into the world 😢😢 For rejecting your first wife kids all in the name of albino, your second wife is definitely giving birth to triplets albino ijn.. usele** man”.

mzolanma said, “May we not Marry WEAPONS FASHIONED AGAINST OUR LIVES in the name of a SPOUSE. Dear Poster, your housemaid will give birth to multiple ALBINOS in Jesus name, Amen. You’re a sorry excuse of a man🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮”.

didah_emporium said, “Omg 😢… we parents needs to do better sha cos wtf is this”.

h4nnyfied said, “What God cannot do doesn’t exist, your second wife will birth triple albino.… lemme hear you say Amen 🙏🙏🙏”.

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