“I had to take away her peace of mind to make her lose weight” – Man reveals why he cheated on his wife (Video)

A Kenyan married man has stirred commotion on social media as he revealed his reasons for cheating on his wife.

The man made a revelation as he spoke with a televangelist whom he and his wife visited for counselling after she found out about his illegal affairs.

He remembered how their relationship started in 2017 when she was looking very pretty and slender, but after they got married in 2020 she began to become less attractive in his eye.

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The man revealed that he felt like his wife was not the pretty lady he got married to because she had gained weight.

He even signed her up to a gym so that she could lose some weight but it was of no avail.

After all his attempts failed, he then asked his wife why she was gaining so much weight to the extent to becoming unattractive.

In response, his wife said that she had peace of mind. Then, a thought ran through his mind that if he could ruin the peace, his wife would be in shape again.

The husband then decided to cheat which caused his wife sleepless nights such that she was thinking often about it and was no longer eating regularly.

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He said that his method worked because she now looks slim and he is happy about his strategy producing the desired result.

The man also stated that when he got his wife back, he told the woman he cheated with that they can no longer continue.

All the while he was talking, the women was sobbing while sitting beside her husband.

The video got many attentions as netizens reacted in hilarious ways. 

Watch the video below:

Some reactions are shown below:

beighdiva50 said, “This is the most hilarious 🤣 🤣🤣post I have seen today”.

bossgram.inc said, “I like the confidence He is explaining himself….. 😂…..Twale🙌”.

dg01335 said, “Men learn to help your wives sometimes it’s about going to the gym or diet 😂😂😂”.

poundz_real said, “Wow, and it actually worked 😳”.

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