“Imagine she flies away” – Bride arrives at her wedding floating via balloons, guests watch in awe (Video)

A bride has set a set new standard as she made a grand entrance to her wedding by arriving in a structure like a parachute. 

In a trending video shared by @weddingfiesta on TikTok, the bride, in a white wedding dress, floated in the air thanks to the structure comprising multiple white balloons. 

The guests at the event were shocked as they looked at the bride floating in the air. Some recording her with their phones, as the lady sat confidently while she hovered and descended.

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She blew kisses and waved at the guests as she left the event with the floating balloons.

The video generated massive reactions as social media users expressed their disapproval with the bride’s grand entrance to her wedding.

Watch the video below:

@weddingfiesta Would you do this? Bride makes one of the most thrilling entrances ever! #wedding #bride #weddingtiktok ♬ I Think I Like When It Rains – WILLIS

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Some reactions are shown below:

Izzy said, “Cute but with my luck I’d end up flying all over the place flashing people then crashing into tree just to tumble out of the tree then land on a kid.”

Tiktokfunnyman112233 said, “Run my friend. Run like the wind. Run like you’ve never run before. Run like your happiness depends on it. Oops…too late.”

unknown said, “Just imagine all the balloons potting and u falling to the ground and breaking both ur foot could never be me.” 

Carla Matthews said, “It’s different that’s for sure But I’d be scared of drifting away.”

user3902128334766 said, “Apparently someone cares more about attention than her own safety.”

Mars said, “Imagine she doesn’t want to get married soo she flies away with the balloons.” 

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