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“Jesus told me to do it” – Lady arrested after she tried to open plane door mid-flight

An unruly female passenger has been arrested after she tried to open plane door mid-flight.

It was reported the 34-year-old woman, Elom Agbegninou, was on the Ohio-bound flight from Texas on Saturday afternoon when she allegedly became frustrated that flight attendants prevented her from reaching the emergency exit.

When a fellow passenger intervened by tackling Agbegninou, she responded by biting the person on the thigh, refusing to let go until the victim forced their fingers into her jaw.

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The woman then started whacking her head on the plane floor, claiming “Jesus told her to fly to Ohio and Jesus told her to open the door,” the documents released by the US District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas on Monday show.

According to the criminal complaint, Agbegninou is expected to face charges of assault within maritime and territorial jurisdiction and interference with flight crew members and attendants‼️👀

Social media users expressed they took to the platform. Some reactions are shown below:

luhyunginty said, “She shoulda said “uhn uhn get somebody else to do it” cus that was the devil😂”.

cmgxbreezy said, “Bro don’t nobody try doing some shit like this when I’m on the plane cus it’s gone down and I’m not talking bout the plane 😂”.

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astronauthoochi said, “Nah how y’all gone tell her what Jesus didn’t or did say?”.

oak_becool said, “She was definitely gonna see him if she would’ve jumped”.

tweentyseven06 said, “I thought I seen it all but how the heck did a bum get on an airplane”.

rainer.dreyer said, “Jesus told you, your going to jail that’s what happen. Sshhs”.

metalxqueen said, “Jesus didn’t tell her shit except that she needs him😂😂😂😂😂
Lawd help this woman!!”.

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