Lady cries bitterly after her dog chews over N800k before she comes back home (Video)

A lady has cried bitterly in an emotional video after her dog ate up almost all her money before she arrived home.

Crying in a video, the lady revealed that the pet climbed to where the cash was and chewed about $2,000 (N893,260). The dog stared, not knowing that it had just eaten a fortune. 

The video of the woman and the dog stirred mixed reactions. While some asked the woman to forgive it, there were people who said the animal is proud of what it had done. 

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As the woman cried, she panned her camera phone from her tears-ridden face to the torn dollars and the dog. 

The lady sat helpless, not knowing what to do about her dog and with the damaged money left on the table.

The video generated massive reactions as netizens thronged to comment section to share their thoughts.

Watch the video below:

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Some reactions are shown below:

@Lover of animals said, “Who in their right mind leaves thousands of dollars out just chillin on tables??😳”.

@Landon Romano said, “Yeah I will never EVER leave my dog to roam freely through my house without being present”.

@Lamppost said, “Banks take damaged bills!!”

@Christian Envoro said, “That dog lucky af he was born far away from where I’m from. Either we’d sell it or it it😂”.

@user8864548955371 said, “I’m broke so I’ll never have this issue”.

@ariannamarieofficial said, “yea he would’ve had to find a new owner”.

@TheBigDill432 said, “Lmao why would you leave that out? 😂”.

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