Lady suddenly starts growing beards like man, husband dumps her, transformation photos goes viral

A photo of a lady, Mandeep Kaur whose husband dumped after she suddenly starts growing beards like man has gone viral online.

The story surfacing on the social media showed that Mandeep’s husband dumped her few years into their marriage.

Mandeep was shattered after her husband, who she thought was the love of her life, walked out on her because of hirsutism ( excessive hair growth in women). 

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According to the Mayo Clinic, hirsutism is a condition in women that results in excessive growth of dark or coarse hair in a male-like pattern face, chest and back. 

With hirsutism, extra hair growth often arises from excess male hormones (androgens), primarily testosterone. 

News reported that Mandeep felt rejected, but eventually, she decided to seek help. The 33-year-old started attending a Gurdwara – a place of worship among Sikhs.

Gradually, the lady started accepting herself, and she let her beard grow. She rocks a turban and doesn’t shave her grown beard and moustache.

She rides a motorbike around her village and farms with her brothers. Sometimes people mistake her for a man, but her speech betrays her.

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She said it took her a while to accept herself, but she was eventually there, so she was no longer ashamed of her beard. 

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