Man donates girlfriend’s belongings to charity after catching her cheating with another man, story trends

A man has donated his girlfriend’s belongings to charity after catching her cheating with another man.

The story trended on the micro-blogging site, Twitter, as the man’s neighbor shared on the platform.

According to the neighbor, the man caught his girlfriend cheating on him with another guy.

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The man did not ask her for full explanation. He waited for his babe to go for a trip with her friends.

Then, he gave out all of her belongings to charity groups.

He planned to lease the house and pack into another apartment without the knowledge of his girlfriend.

He wrote, “My neighbor caught his girlfriend cheating never said anything ..waited until she went on her trip with her friends and gave ALL her shi to Goodwill 😬😭”

“he’s breaking his lease Monday and moving into his new apartment Friday and she comes back Next Tuesday and she don’t know shi”.

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The neighbor revealed that he will be an helping hand to move from the house where he lives with his girlfriend.

“Currently helping him move😂 buddy paying me $200”, he wrote.

Checkout the screenshots of his posts below:

Social media users expressed his thoughts as they took to comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

@lancebdgr said, “Y’all saying he’s overrating smh. She’s already cheating so what you think shes doing on that trip w her friends😭😭that man is not overreacting. This is the perfect way for him to leave.”

@TitcombeAnthony said, “Calling her a cheater is such a derogatory slur used to stigmatize people like her. She could be poly but too afraid to tell her partner she’s poly so completely deceives and ruins him. But y’all are not ready for that conversation”.

@PixeliaPlz said, “Selling someone else’s belongings without their consent isn’t only petty but it’s ILLEGAL. And even morally speaking, doing something like this tells a lot about this man and the way he probably treated her when they were together. Not a shocker she cheated”.

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