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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Man kneels to propose to girlfriend in church while singing praise & worship on stage, she ignores him (Video)

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A video rocking the online has showed embarrassing moment a man got ignored after he proposed to his girlfriend.

With a ring in his hand and love in his eyes, he knelt down on the church stage, hoping to pop the question and take their relationship to the next level.

However, the girlfriend, who was deeply engrossed in her worship moment, appeared to disregard her boyfriend’s presence as she continued singing into the microphone.

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His devotion and patience were evident as he held his poised position on one knee, waiting for her to acknowledge his presence.

The tension in the video began to mount as the woman poured her heart out in worship, and the boyfriend’s nervousness was palpable. However, he showed unwavering dedication and restraint as he allowed her to finish her song. 


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It was only after the last note had faded into the air that the girlfriend seemed to become aware of her boyfriend’s presence.

She turned towards him, her face filled with surprise and joy, and stretched out her hand to receive the sparkling ring he had been holding throughout her performance.

The crowd erupted into cheers and applause as the boyfriend slipped the ring onto her finger, sealing the moment with a heartfelt kiss.

Watch the video below:

The video elicited massive reactions as commenters shared their thoughts in the social media platform. Some reactions are shown below:

@RJ6373737 said, “Some activities should be outside of church..period.”

@Miss claah said, “Who was waiting amalize song tuone how it goes down weka like.”

@Jackie63737 said, “Those of us dating nonliving things gather here.”

@Monilla said, “My fellow trees let’s gather in mabira.”

Ginglow said, “The fact that we was patiently waiting till she is done worship looks adorable.”

@Treypaul13 said, “Those who have watched to the end what happened,am not that patient.”

Nabukomde Glovia said, “Us the trees we gather for a meeting.”

@Kimiteiabigael said, “Whoelse is crying apart from me?”

Volsha said, “Ooh God let this happen to me this month.”

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