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Mom of one cheats on husband with her ex weeks before her marriage, DNA test shows no paternity between them

A Nigerian mom of one, who cheated on her husband with her ex, has been in a deep mess.

This followed after her husband conducted a DNA test only to find out that the child belongs to him or the ex-boyfriend.

The story was shared on the micro-blogging platform by a user, @drpenking, and narrated the lady, who slept with her boyfriend weeks before her marriage.

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Due to guilt, she later confessed to her husband, who overlooked the betrayal. After many months, the married lady gave birth and trouble started in her home.

Her ex-boyfriend came with the claim that he is the father of the child. After several troubles, the husband agreed to a DNA test.

It was shocking when the test came and showed that the child belonged to neither of them.

The story reads, “A lady slept with her Ex few weeks before she got married. She confessed to her husband and he forgave her. 9-10 months later, she gave birth.”

“Her ex claimed that the baby looked like him and demanded for a DNA test. The husband thought he was crazy & agreed to run the DNA test”.

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“also to shame the ex but only if the ex would agree to bear all expenses. Petty young man paid for everything including traveling and lodging expenses in Lekki for sample collection. The result came out.”

“Probability of Paternity of Index A:0%. Probability of Paternity of Index B:0%. For those of you who don’t understand English, it means that the child does not belong to any of them.”

See the post below:

Social media users expressed their thoughts as they trooped to comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

@Talktonansel2 said, “Fear that gender🤦🏽‍♂️”.

@hykenow said, “To start with DNA should be cheap… 500k na person two month salary o”.

@akpata_grace said, “What if the baby was swapped? They should do a maternity test too.”

@louisbrain2 said, “Have you thought of another differential ?
What if that baby doesn’t belong to the woman?-the baby could have been http://exchanged.in a crime ward, never say never. How about laboratory error? Mixed up samples, poor labeling etc.”

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