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Mother causes commotion online as she reveals buying her son female dresses after he requested for them

Being a crossdresser can be viewed harmful in the society but a mother apparently followed the path as she revealed buying her son female dresses.

The young mother, identified as Khanyi, caused commotion online after revealing that she bought the clothes because her son requested for them.

She said when another kid next door saw her son in a dress, he was curious and asked her why she dressed her boy in female clothing, and she simply responded that it was his wish.

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She wrote, “My son has been asking for a dress. I finally decided to just get him dresses despite being afraid he’d get teased by other kids.”

“Today, the boy next door asked why he was wearing a dress, I said “he wanted one” and he said “okay” then they continued to play. The kids are alright”.

However, the revelation sparked a range of responses. Some Twitter users praised her parenting style.

Others thought it was weak of her to let him wear something that was “unfit” for his gender.

See the post below:

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Some reactions are shown below:

@freemycountry39 said, “When my son was 4 he liked my nail polish and make up i told him it’s girls stuff you are a boy do u see daddy using girls thing he 👀 at me and said no, he’s 10 now and wil cry if i cut his hair differently and say nooo I don’t wanna look like a girl I’m a boy, we teach them”.

@abednego82 said, “What does his father say about this whole issue?”

@ZekhetheloMntu1 said, “This is partly why I tell my sons to stay away from girls raised by single mothers. If they bring a girl to us, I wanna meet her family.”

@JasonKhumaloII said, “One of the reasons i try to make it work with the mother of my kids so that i am there to say over my dead body”.

@D_Bhekza said, “So you misled your SON and you’re okay with that ? Haibo guys honestly you could have corrected him the minute he started asking for things he doesn’t know. A child must be directed and when he comes of age he shall choose for himself. Udoti nje lento sisi”.

@azania1023 said, “Did you try to explain to him that dresses are for girls?”

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