Nigerian lady lands in trouble as the baby she helped a woman to carry in public bus falls off her hands and die

A young Nigerian lady has landed in trouble after a baby she carried in public bus fell off her hands at a bus stop. 

The story was shared via micro-blogging platform, Twitter, by a user, @shesamale, stated that the young lady had assisted a mother to carry her child inside a public bus after she asked her to.

According to the user, she was first approached by the mother but she turned down the request, and the mother had to appeal to someone else who agreed. 

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As they were about to alight from the bus, the baby fell and died instantly. The mother claimed that the young lady had done something to her child.

Angry mobs gathered at the mom and beat up the young lady whose hands the child fell off from.

The story comes after a user expressed her rage over women carrying many of their wards in a public transport.

The netizens wrote, “I know the country is hard but carrying 3 kids to travel and only budgeting for one seat doesn’t make any sense,who will carry the other 2 for you??”

In response, shesamale narrated the story which says, “one time,a woman pleaded with me to help lap one of her kids cos we was to alight at the same b/stop and i refused,she asked another woman and she agreed(even eyeing me sorta)long story short,we all got down from the bus and the child the woman helped with fell and died.” See the post below:

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The post, which sparked reactions online, got many talking as social media users expressed their thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

Kay Kayode wrote: “I always reject it. I helped one woman lap her daughter one time. She soaked my cloth with more than one litre of urine. Small sorry she didn’t say. They just got down and moved. Adult like me was sitting there with a trouser soaked in pee. I didn’t even know how to feel.”

@_krade said, “Ahhh omo, I’ve learnt from this , I’m never helping in that situation again”.

ressure, no deep am)

@webmyopicree_da said, “lmfaooo, me self don learn lesson, i no dey carry person pikin again😭😭 omo thank god for you”.

Agboola Starr commented: “That’s crazy. It’s probably a scam. That woman will be forced to drop a huge sum of money and then the child would get up after certain conditions are met. Someone had a similar experience with these kinda people one time. Although I may be wrong. Thank God you didn’t fall for it.”

TherealBorme said, “I remember the one that was telling her child “sit on this uncle’s leg”.. I just remove my leg and the child fell.”

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