Nigerian man set to marry his widowed mother-in-law 2 years after wife’s death

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An unidentified Nigerian man, has caused a stir within his community and beyond as he expresses his desire to marry his widowed mother-in-law.

The 46 year old man lost his wife in cold hands of death at the age of 34, leaving behind three children; two boys and a girl.

Two years after the tragic loss, he has approached his late wife’s mother, who is 57 and also a widow, with the proposal.

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The controversial request has sparked a heated debate among family members and wider society. The man claims that he does not wish to have more children and is primarily motivated by a concern for his existing family’s well-being. He argues that by marrying his mother-in-law, he can ensure his children’s continued care and protection, avoiding the potential mistreatment they might face from an outsider.

See the post below:

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Social media users trooped to comment section to share their thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

Uche Obiayo said, “The target here is for the children not to be maltreated. Going for another woman; an outsider is not an option. The wife sisters might still create such scenario. Best options could be either sending the kids to his mother in-law or bring her to the house to stay with them, not marrying her. Am not in support of marrying another wife at all. It always tell negatively on the kids. If that must be done, it should later in life when those children must all grown into adulthood and had had their first share of the basic family upbringing.”

Jones Hachilensa said, “In short, he wants to stay with his mother inlaw to help raise the kids.
He does not need more children nor marry an outsider!!! So the kids stay with their grandma!”

Collins Ovie said, “This is a very tricky one, but I am being forced to take the side of the Man and his mother in law”.

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