Nigerian man who was once a house boy bags 4 masters degrees and a PhD, becomes director of a company in US

A man from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria has shared his success story which inspired many internet users.

The Nigerian man who was once a housemaid took to his Twitter page as he revealed that dreams still come true.

The businessman, @UdofiaEA, shared story behind his career and business achievement.

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The remarkable man shared how he moved from being a house boy to bagging four master’s degree and a PhD.

He also revealed that he sits on the board of two organizations in the united state and serves as the director of another corporation in the same country.

In addition, the broadcaster stated that he is the global president of a non-profit making organization.

He wrote, “I am a proud Akwa Ibomite, with 4 Master’s Degrees and a PhD. I am a Director of a Corporation in USA, also serving in the Boards of 2 organizations in USA”.

“A broadcaster, Global President of a non- for profit organization. I was once a housemaid in Uyo.” See his post below:

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Social media users were thrilled with the man’s story as they shared their opinions. Some reactions are shown below:

@joemetry150 said, “You just inspired me. Though the country has changed over time to even worse and people from our side of the country are mostly vied as cooks, guards and other domestic helps. We will keep pushing…”

@tidarksn said, “What inspired you to get all these qualifications? How did you define success? And have you achieved everything you ever hoped for?”

@Queenlisa82 said, “Wow! This is so encouraging. Praise God who takes the poor out of the dust and makes them sit with kings. Thank you for sharing. You make me proud to be an Akwa Ibomite.”

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