Nigerian woman loses husband of 5 years to lady she hired to test him

A Nigerian lady has lost her marriage of 5 years after her husband left her for the lady she hired to test him.

The news was shared via social media platforms by a Nigerian singer, Benkretz, who posted the details on his Instagram page.

He noted that the woman lost her husband to the lady she used to run the loyalty test on him.

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Benkretz revealed that she hired someone to flirt with him and see if her husband will resist the temptation to cheat on her after being married for five years, but he failed.

He wrote, “Some women are something else seriously, what’s the point of hiring someone to hit on or flirt with your husband or boyfriend???”

“All in the name of loyalty test lol Now oga don fall o like our naira. Marriage of 5 years don scatter, so who we go blame??”

“Wife wey set trap or Husband we enter trap.”

Social media users expressed their thoughts as they took to comment section. See the post below:

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Some reactions are shown below:

Pretty Zam said, “She has to relax and pray that the lady returns the favor. She might hire her to test the man back, that way she might win her husband back.”

Uchechukwu Franklin Joe said, “This post reminds of my past. A friend asked me to help him settle matter with his girlfriend. To cut the story short, the girl dump him for me. I was helpless. Never let third party into ya relationship not talk more of marriage.”

Burberry Sugar said, “Heart break wey make me to woke my lil cousin of 4 months old at the middle of the night and start telling him my ordeal with my gal, he started crying, i join him and cry too 😭😭😭”.

Jessica Israel said, “Men are not woods or toys. They have blood running through their veins. Don’t test a man with such. Except the God-fearing ones that have solely dedicated their body to their wives and respect their marriage vows. I believe you’ve learnt your lesson(s)”.

Mc ehisoso said, “No matter how romantic a Man is, he can never help you
wear your pants after knacking!πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹”.

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