Photos of 25-year-old man who stopped growing in height at age 5 break internet (Video)

Photos circulating online has captured a 25-year-old man, identified as Ravi Kumar, who stopped growing at the age of 5, and by extension caught attentions of many online.

Ravi, who weighs 15.4 pounds (7kg) was reportedly diagnosed with Dwarfism at a tender age and has faced significant challenges throughout his life, with his growth ceasing at a mere 24 inches tall.

His life has been overshadowed by dwarfism, a condition marked by significantly reduced stature, which has impeded his growth and mobility.

For years, he has been reliant on his devoted mother, who carries him around on her hips.

Adding to Ravi’s medical woes is the diagnosis of Thyroid disease, a condition that further complicates his already fragile health.

Thyroid disease, known for its impact on metabolism and growth, has exacerbated Ravi’s stunted growth, leaving his family grappling with the harsh reality of limited resources and access to proper healthcare.

Watch the video below:

“We have taken him to many doctors, and we were told that he was suffering from thyroid disease,” Ravi’s mother cried out.

“Treatment is possible, but we don’t have enough money to afford it,” the mother added.

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