Pretty lady turns boyfriend’s house into hotel room, repaints & buys new bed frame (Video)

A video has got many talking as a pretty lady worked so hard to transforms her boyfriend’s house into hotel room.

In the video, the lady said that she did the redesigning after her boyfriend left home for a business trip. 

She removed many items in his original arrangement like some wall portraits and then repainted the whole room. 

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The pretty lady  gave the room a white painting and did the other parts with light grey color. Then she got rid of his old bed frame and fixed a new one.

According to her, the old one was broken and didn’t match the room’s new look owing to its brown color.

Then she built two big bookcases which stood at 7ft each for his sneakers. The lady said she was scared doing the redesigning and repainting as she had never done it before.

Applying her beautiful touches on the house, it looked perfectly like a hotel room.

Watch the video below:

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Internet users expressed their thoughts as they took to comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

MOE said, “I definitely would’ve change the layout , move the bed from that particular wall”.

Yè said, “I like the paint color. But why is the night stand a mile away from the bed?”

Brit<3 said, “People on the comments suggesting things like girl done painted, bought furniture and built them I know she tired but it came out dope!”

🫤 said, “Not me not without a ring 💍”.

Frugalmommaof4 said, “Oh but the boxes protect the shoes from dust. I wod totally put those back. Especially with suade jordans”.

Alan Smith said, “People stop giving your input. She’s not asking for it. Just an enjoy this kind and beautiful video.”

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