Pretty Nigerian lady causes stir as she celebrates birthday with white Amala, Ewedu & soup, places candle on it (Video)

A beautiful Nigerian lady has taken the internet by storm by celebrating her birthday with white Amala, a local dish made from cassava.

In the video circulating online, she she dumped cake on her birthday while celebrating with a plate of white Amala, soup, and ewedu.

She could be seen seating comfortably in her house, facing the camera while a plate was placed opposite her.

To mark her birthday, a birthday candle was inserted into the Amala, a candle which she lit with a lighter and blew out with her mouth to mark her date.

The beautiful moment captured on camera caught the attention of several social media users as they have stormed the comment page of the post to share their thoughts.

Some reactions are shown below:

Grandma said, “All of my friends reposting, don’t get mad when I give yall Eba on your birthday, this counts as me doing my research.”

Tappy said, “You’re a visionary and your future is very bright.”

Jamal 🅱️4DA$$ said, “Definitely doing this on my birthday,I’m lighting the fufu up.”

MERCYY CHISOM said, “I swear if anyone got me abula as my birthday cake I won’t even complain.”

Callme(AJOKE) said, “the one i just watched was akara and bread🤦now amala and ewedu.”

A.D said, “I want the egusi and fufu one with periwinkle and chicken and Pomor.”

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