“Regret it” – Man who used over N2m to get cows for bride price divorces wife after 3 years

A man, Stha Mntlane Tomose, has dropped many jaws after he shared that he divorced his ex-wife whom he spent over 2 million naira to pay for her lobola just after 3 years.

Lobola is an African custom form of bride price where the bridegroom’s family makes a payment with cows or money shortly before their marriage.

The young man reacted to a post on Twitter where he explained that his ex-wife’s family requested a payment of over 2 million naira for her Lobola.

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According to him, his ex-in-laws requested 9 cows from him and he estimated each of the cows to be close to N280,000.

Hence, he spent over 2 million naira to get the cow his ex-in-laws requested from him before he got married to his ex-wife.

The man bitterly explained that despite the amount of money he spent, he asked for a divorce and broke it off with her.

When asked by social media users if he can request for a refund from his ex-in-laws, he explained that in his culture it is unacceptable.

Checkout the post below:

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Most netizens wondered how the family could request such an outrageous amount from a man their child wants to settle with and also blamed his ex-wife for doing nothing about their request. 

Some reactions are shown below:

@cathykhoza01 said, “My family wanted to charge hubby 55k yo did I not cry until they reduce it to 45k we still together even now with 3 kids ❤️sometimes it’s just the woman who doesn’t want to fight for her man nje (in my own perspective thinking)

@Mshu_thandoar said, “And she agreed to that ridiculous amount? I’d never let my family do that to my man… Tamkhulu once said something similar to the initial tweet. Phof ndibe ndingumntu ongayivisisi kakuhle indaba ye lobola🤐”.

@motlhoka_ina said, “You’re putting her back in the market and the family is going to swindle another man of a 100k..”

@Prodical_M said, “🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️yho! It should be red flag 🚩 when a woman allows such, she must refuse to be married and threaten them to elope or something.. she must just be drastic”.

@KhanKhunde commented: “R20k max, le R5k o siame. It’s really not about the money. I used to want 50 cows man, now I see how ridiculous that is. I hope my man comes back, and marries me next year.” @tanie_m commented: “I’m down bad.”

@Hlogi_Nare said, “Yeerrr R100k for lobola is real madness.”

@sleezyp_slm said, “I would never pay such an amount even if your cake is nice.”

@Ando_elena said, “Yoh😭I’m so sorry. I’d demand a refund😪”.

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