“The grand total is N950k” – Nigerian man begs for financial help as his wedding approaches, lists spark reactions online

A Nigerian man, identified as Hassan has begged for financial help to organize his upcoming wedding.

The screenshot was shared by a platform that helps Muslims find their spouses, halal matchmaking, and showed the man’s marriage list on Twitter contained in a letter, saying it was emailed to them by a brother who needs help for his forthcoming marriage. 

In the letter, the man noted that his wedding comes up on March 3, 2023. Hassan said that his parents died when he was in SS 2 and that he earned a diploma in computer science from a polytechnic.

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Hassan attached a list of items needed for the groom as well as the bride below the letter. The list had a grand total of $1,285 (N950k).

Some of the things listed for the bride are four Dubai Hijab at $80 (N35,600) each, five laces at $80 (N35,600) each, five pieces of jewelry at $100 (N44,500) each In another section labelled ‘house’ the man put their house rent at $250 (N111k). 

Sharing the lists of requirements, he wrote, “Request for Marriage Funding Assistance 1. Hassan, am writing to beg financial support for my upcoming marriage. My parents died when I was in Senior Secondary two, and I am a native of Katsina State, Nigeria, where I had my elementary and secondary education (2). Later, I went to Polytechnic and earned a diploma in Computer Science.”

“I put my complete mind and confidence on your side, knowing that by God’s grace, you will help me opt out of the crucial circumstance I find myself in with whatever you intend to provide me as my marriage will be done on March 3rd, 2023 by next year by God’s grace.”

“I would be quite grateful if you could support and assist me in carrying out my marriage without the need for a loan from a bank or making me feel concerned. See the lists below:

man begs for financial help as wedding approaches

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The post generated controversial reactions as social media users expressed their thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

@ibnurusheed said, “If their is another adjective to qualify their madness pls assist me with it. How will they encourage this. You’re not seeking for startup to settle ur life but to buy material things. Allah has not burdened u with what is more than ur capacity”.

@h_lerrick said, “How is he going to feed his wife and kids later?”.

@RASHIDATYESUFU1 said, “Even rent, a lot of questions to ask here. Most of the items are material things that can wait. Why not go ahead and pay her bride price let her remain with her parents.

@lateefkay said, “Deal halal, tell the brother he’s not ready / ripe for marriage… rather I’ll advise he need to be fasting till Allah open way for him 🤲”.

@simified2 said, “Is this playing , he is clearly not ready for marriage because he doesn’t have the means yet hence he should fast so Allah can provide for him so as to complete half of his Deen and be able to take care of his family”.

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